Pandemic is when epidemic spread and affected a larger community.Meaning it has gone worldwide.The problem starts when there are outbreak of disease in a community and it is not treated, then it spreads to a larger community.Epidemic usually most often starts within the vulnerable groups of the society.These group do not have access to healthcare and education. If healthcare and education are provided to them it might minimize or prevent pandemic.

I can recall in 2003 there was the outbreak of ( SARS) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome which began in Southern China .SARS lasted for about seven months.It has a world wide effect.I sat in my living room and watched Television and people got out of the Airplane with face mask.

It was scary and worrisome.People were worried and afraid of getting ill.Some people died from it .It also generated lost of revenues.For instance business,romantic trips,cruise, reunion trips,and leisure travelers drastically decreased traveling.Why travel to become ill?North America airline and Asia Pacific Carriers had a major lost of revenue in billions.It was a state of panic because even the healthcare workers were afraid to go to work .But then they were obligated to keep the community healthy.Most entertainment centers including Las Vegas lost revenue because people were afraid of exposures.

In 2014 there was outbreak of Whooping Cough in USA.There were 33,000 cases. And in 2015 the Whooping Cough reoccurred in USA again,this time with less cases.And the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended vaccination. Whooping Cough outbreak is very dangerous to all of us.Check out with your healthcare clinic and find out who should be vaccinated.

And in USA 2018 there are Influenza A Viruses that have spread to some part of USA .So many States are currently experiencing outbreak.These States include Colorado,Georgia,Alabama,Kentucky,Louisiana,New Jersey,New York, New Mexico and South Carolina etc.

Go see your doctor if you are experiencing the following:

Muscle and body aches


Fever that is your body temperature is higher than 100.4

Chills: that is shivering for no apparent reasons.


Soar Throat

Stuffy and running nose

Tiredness,fatigue.Feeling weak.

Sometimes vomiting.

Complications From Influenza


Pneumonia because the lungs are compromised.

Long hospitalization.

Lost of wages or revenue.


Young children

Older adults 65 years and up.

Pregnant women.

Immune-Suppressed /Compromised individuals

People with diabetes,hypertension,Heart disease and Asthma.


Reduce infection with good hand-washing.

Hospitals MUST have Hand washing Stations or Hand Santitizer in place.

Comply with (WHO) World Health Organization and (CDC )

Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Get vaccinated.

Visit your doctor office/Hospital

Follow doctor’s order.

Be part of your care.

Do not infect others.

Take your antiviral medications as ordered by your doctor.

Do not be shy to ask questions.

I am not talking about endemic; that is disease prevalent in a particular country for example malaria common in Africa.

In 2010 it was decided by the Assistant Secretary of Health, that it is very important to find a permanent solution to prevent people from dying from preventable diseases such as Diabetes,Hypertension ,infection,cancer.Hence Healthy People 2020 was Born.The goal is to empower and encourage people to make informed decision about their health.Provided access to healthcare to everyone in the united States including those in the rural areas.

Their Vision:

Eliminate disparities, provide healthcare to the vulnerable and everyone..

Improve and promote quality of life for all.And advocate for healthy life style.

It also provided a comprehensive goals of monitoring the outcome of the agenda in place.There are health screening and immunization.

Education,clinics,hospitals,urgent cares private and public hospitals were made available.

Pandemic,epidemic and endemic,I do not want any of those.The question that rises is how do we eradicate them?

Please weigh in provide your ideas.



Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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