Unfair Assignment (In My Perspective). Nursing.

Unfair Assignment: Assignment should be distributed fairly based on experiences and categories..For example a new nurse that does not understand tracheotomy care and chest tubes should not be assigned with those patients.They cannot take adequate care of these patients without proper guidance.With hospitals shortage of nurses ,long hours and poor working conditions.The job become more difficult for the new nurses that are trying to learn their new roles.So manipulation of their assignments or anyone assignment is unfair.Provide support, be there for them.

Unhappy Nurse:As a result of the unfairness, many nurses became miserable and left.No Nurse will want to be involve with negligence.Because your assignment is so ugly you did not observe the abnormal lab values,and abnormal vital signs.

The Reality : Some nurses accepted to work in acute care hospitals but they do not know what they are up against.The truth is that the beginning of everything is hard.So you have to focus,focus and plan and organize your work.Once you are at work; your newly found love can wait because your hormone cannot be raging while you are trying to focus.So drop that cell phone. Call him back during your lunch break.(my perspective)

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Manipulative employee:There are nurses that are insatiable.These group of nurses will always complain about their assignments no matter what.So they come in early and change the assignment with the permission of the charge nurse.They derive joy in making others unhappy because they have unhappy personal life.

Smile : Do not be emotional. Do not take it on your patients,the charge nurse or other nurses or the doctor.Your shift is only eight hours or twelve hours.So before you know it ,it is over.Be nice to your patients,create a positive impression.Use the resources available to you.Remember the acronym AIDET . Use it.Sometimes such situation test our patience and who we are as an individual.If it did not kill you ,it will definitely make you stronger.

Short poem by a Nurse

I walked into the nursing station

I looked, it was my assignment.

I felt like running away.

I must not run away.

I said “no”

I must face it.

Went to the Manager.

She asked how can I help you?

I felt like telling her that I want to quit.

Called my hubby.

He did not want me to quit.

Manager decided to change my assignment tomorrow.

I decided that I am done.

Politics and clicks in Nursing?

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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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