Doctors and Nurses Relationship.(In my perspective)

Congratulations to Doctors and Nurses for providing excellent Patient care. Doctors and nurses have been working together as team for centuries  and will continue to do so.

A Doctor is a Medical Practitioner,a licensed Professional that Practice Medicine.It involves Promoting,maintaining health through,studying ,diagnosis and the treatment of diseases,physical injuries and mental health.
A Nurse is a license professional who is educated to the understanding and execution of Nursing diagnosis,planning,implement,evaluate,and outcome.Nurses understand diagnosis and treatment.

Maslow’s theory of basic needs involves assessment,planning,implementation,evaluation and outcome.

These are the five steps of Nursing Process.

Nurses are also involve with leadership training,Research and Education.

Nursing care involve many other activities such as carrying out complicated procedures to simple things as holding hands,bedpan,urinal and  Patient feeding.Nurses are patient Advocate.Nurses share themselves with others and enjoy sense of humor.

Advantages of doctors and nurses working together

Image of the hospitals: When doctors and nurses work together the hospitals do well.Patients and families are happy .More referrals are made.

The doctors are the mirror of the hospitals, let us make them happy.

Positive Outlook: Everyone is a winner.Invite your doctors to your potluck.

Management: Doctors ,CEO and managers are happy.

Increase Retention: Nurses get their raise and want to stay and support the establishment.

Stock Market: Hospital stocks go up.(check out the HCA stocks ,and Kaiser Permanent stocks)

Revenues :Increase in hospitals revenue,good insurance package.Happy employees,happy employers,and happy doctors.Moreover happy patients.

Outcomes:Safety and reliability in hospital Regulations lead to excellent patient outcome.

Teamwork : Teamwork ,team environment.Nurses are able to manage each other.”United we stand divided we fall” For example When Jury cannot reach a verdict ,the result will be mistrial and they have to start all over again.We do not want that.


Bullies :Nurses became bullies against other nurses.They want to throw their colleagues under the bus.They want everything done before you leave.

They become disrespectful and disregard of their colleagues, who is also a license professional. For example if you tell an incoming nurse that the doctor did not call you back.She forces the outgoing nurse to stay behind until she reaches the doctor,write his orders, execute the orders before leaving.This leads to unnecessary overtime.

Hospital Reaction: Hospitals want good image,good doctors,more money.

Lack of Respect: The doctors have no respect for the Nurses.They stereotype nurses based on Social Media image of Nurses in the 1970s and 1980s.

So many hospitals prefer to hire nurses with Bachelor degree in Nursing rather than associate degree in Nursing, so that there will be better understanding among doctors and nurses.

So there should  be teamwork between Doctors and Nurses,and the Nurses and Nurses.

High Turnover Rate :Some nurses became burned out,because they were bullied constantly.And they start to leave. And guess what, because of their experiences in their previous place of work ,they tend to do very well in their new homes.I have taken the time to monitor nurses that left because of unbearable environment.

Obstacles That Need to Be Addressed.

Communication: Doctors not responding to their pagers or cell phone when they are call. Some of them will get upset with the nurses for example.Doctor :Why did you call me at 9PM?

Nurse: Doctor I need to get an order.

Doctor : Why 9PM?

Nurse: Because I have been calling you but you are not responding.And the previous nurse told me that you did not respond to her calls either. No need for argument follow the Chain of Command.
Unprepared Nurses : When you call the doctor,prepare your information before calling.Use the SBAR

S : Situation. What is the problem?

B Background .Brief information about the patient. 

A :Assessment .What did you uncover? What did you found out that is different from the previous.?

R : Recommendation Make your suggestions of what you think and then listen to doctor orders.

Lack of Respect by the Doctors: The doctors see the nurses as their Subordinates.Respect is Reciprocal.Give me some.

Clueless Doctors: Some doctors believe that the nurses do not do anything.They are just there to answer their phone calls.And accept orders which is far from the truth.

Frequent Callers: All questions make sense but some of the questions might not need to be for the doctor.

Here are my examples

Doctor, can I run Vancomycin and Zosyn on the same line? Some doctor might not know.So your best bet is your Pharmacist.So call the pharmacy Department,and ask to speak to the Pharmacist. Another question “doctor does the patient has Foley catheter or Supra pubic Catheter or three way Catheter?” Assess your patient ,if you are not sure ask your Charge Nurse,experience Nurses.Why call the doctor when you are with the patient and you can check it out with other nurses.

Call the Doctor :If you need an order from the doctor or your Patient is not doing well, abnormal vital signs and abnormal lab values.Change in patient condition you Must call the doctor.If the doctor is not responding follow the Chain of Command.Do not call the doctor because you like him,because he is handsome,cute or with a wonderful voice.

Or because you plan to date a Doctor.



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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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