Health Promotion and Disease Prevention on Drug Abuse.

Drug abuse is a repeated use of alcohol or drug that will slowly begin to take control of your behavior and you may not even realize it, because it is becoming a pattern of behavior.And it interferes with your work,your relationship and your health. Those who decided to tell you the truth are avoided.

Drug and Alcoholism are serious health threat to families,communities and Society in general.It can cripple the society,the finance,resources and the healthcare system throughout the world.Over 35% of hospitalized patients are drug related.The increase in Emergency Room visits are related to drugs.The abuse of drugs and alcohol have lead to homelessness in the society.Some of the drugs in question are Methamphetamine,Heroine,cocaine ,plus prescription drugs etc.

Nurses are in position to identify drug abuse and alcohol abuse patients,and initiate the case manager and social worker involvement in their plan of care.

The Case Manager role involve assessment,plans,implement,coordinate patient care ,monitor and evaluate services that will be beneficial to the patients and their families.This is done by communication and the availability of resources to Support Cost effective and quality outcomes.

Here are some of the Preventive Efforts.

Secondary Prevention

Early identification and treatment of drug abuse.

Certain group of people were targeted.These are Native Americans ,Blacks and Hispanic. But recent research shows that other groups are also involved.

Early detection by screening.

Change of patient behavior and change of environment.

War on Drugs .The war on drug lead some people to be arrested ,convicted and incarcerated for drug related crimes.WWW.prisoner resources

The main focus are health promotion .

Law Enforcement :

Increased age of drinking to 21years.

No drinking and driving.

School Education.Adolescents and teenagers were educated on alcohol and drug prevention.Media Campaign on war on Drug.There are various campaigns against increase in drugs abuse.

Education ,providing support, and None judgemental  behaviors are the keys to eliminate drug dependency in schools and the communities.

Secondary Prevention targets individuals with family history of drug,ethnic background and lifestyles.It also involve health supervision, protection, and treatment.

So many programs were made available such as Drug Rehabilitation,AAA-Alcohol Anonymous, Alanon,Narcotic Anonymous.

Tertiary Prevention focus,monitor and try to take control of existing problem.These groups are categorize in three phase.

Phase 1

Acute phase deals  Initial use or the Experimental use of drugs..Healthcare professionals are involved with their plan of care to eradicate drug abuse.

Phase 11 The group uses Occasionally to becoming Regular users.They are aware that they have problem but cannot stop.Nurses provide and promote interdisciplinary team,collaboration involving Social workers,Case managers,nurses,doctors,group support to prevent relapse.

Phase 111 .These are the compulsive drug abuser phase .From compulsory use to Heavy users .And they go into relapse easily.

Relapse :Identify behaviors that triggers relapse.These individuals need coping strategies, provide emotional supports and encouragement.There is the need to absolutely change these behaviors through treatment regimen,rehabilitation and building social Network support system.

24/7 Drug Abuse Hotlines available.




Most Drug and Alcohol addicts suffer from vitamin deficiency.

So they need some vitamins supplements based on their doctors orders.In USA dietary allowances (RDA) can be acquired from these four groups of food.Protein,Carbohydrate,Fat ,Vitamins and Minerals. Most of us are deficient in multivitamin,vitamin B1,B6,B12 ,d,E and Vitamin C. Talk to your doctor and comply with his/her treatment Regimen.

Happy doctor with drug and patient on bed at clinic

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