NURSING QUESTIONS(comfort and mobility)

(1) A 69 years old  female  is living with her handicapped daughter.She develop pain and swelling on her left leg,she was brought in by ambulance to the emergency room.   

  The emergency room doctor diagnosed her with thrombophlebitis which is inflammation of blood vessels.She is placed on bedrest 5-7 days, and admitted to Medical /Surgical floor.What will be the most important thing  the nurse must have available for this patient.   

(a)Air mattress and heel protector.To prevent dislodgement of clot,and prevent skin breakdown.     

  (b)Warm packs,bedrest with elevated foot of the bed (6inches)heparin, Coumadin, venous thrombectomy.

(c)Good skin care for bedrest,stool softeners, deep breathing exercise and elastic wrap from the toe up. 

(d) All of the above.   

Correct answer is D.                             Rationale: All of the above is the correct answer because she need Bedrest, elevated foot of bed,blood thinner,stool softener and a good skin care. And also changing positions while in bed.

  (2) The nurse received a patient from another floor with a diagnosis of Osteoporosis.

What is the major factors that predispose her to develop osteoporosis? 

(a) Decrease in her estrogen levels.                

  (b)Her mom is black and her dad is Indian.   

(c) Smoking for 30years.                           

(d) Late marriage.  

Correct answer is A.          Rationale: Correct answer is A.But B,C ,and D are all wrong.

 (3)  A 63years old female diagnosed  with Osteoporosis is ready for discharge, the nurse performed teaching.The patient told the nurse that the doctor recommended that patient should walk 30minutes three times a week.And the patient wants to know how will that help her?    

(a)Walking is beneficial for patients with Osteoporosis because it will promote  weight bearing on the long bones,preventing calcium from leaving the bones.                          (b)Exercise might  not help but make it worst.                        

  (C) That has nothing to do with why I  came  to the hospital.                   

     (d)Lack of sleep.                                                             

Correct answer is A.

(4)When  do we remove  foot pump  or SCD?         

  (a)Whenever the patient complain and ask for its removal.                               

   (b) It should not be removed.                                 

(c)It should be as needed(prn).                               

  (d)During the patient’s initial skin assessment.          Correct answer is D. Rationale: The SCD is placed to keep circulation going while in bed.

(5)A 54years old man with a history of rheumatoid arthritis is being prepared for discharge from the Community hospital.What will be the most important teaching objectives for this patient?                     

  (a) Rheumatoid arthritis can be a debilitating disease so be careful.              

  (b)It is important to maintain mobility. And this can be achieved by exercise and independent ADL.         

(c) I don’t think anyone can help you.You just have to do it.                   

     (d)None of the above.

Correct answer is B.

ANSWERS 1 D ,2A,3A,4D,5 B.

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