A patient is developing wernicke-korsaff syndrome ,what will be the

signs that the patient will exhibit?

(A) Memory loss and disorientation.

(B)Wernicke -korsaff syndrome is due to Vitamin B deficiency and usually is exhibited in patients with poor diet intake and long standing alcoholism.

(C ) Confabulation,disorientation and memory loss are some of the signs.

(D ) All of the above.

2. A Rape victim came to the emergency room for treatment.

What will be very necessary for the nurse to carry out for her own and the victim legal protection .

(A) Record the victim’s account of the assault accurately in the victim’s own word.

(B) Assess the victim to make sure that she is honest.

(C) What is the victim’s origin.

(D) She asked for it.

3. Patient with pernicious anemia received intramuscular vitamin B12.

The patient asked the nurse when will she stop taking the injection.

What will be the right response from the nurse?

(A) The injection will be necessary for the rest of your life.

(B) For two more weeks.

( C) For three months.

(D) For two more months.

4. Jennifer 29years old female delivered a full term baby boy,about 6hours after delivery ,the nurse assisted patient with ambulation.What was the primary reason why the nurse encouraged patient to walk.

(A) The nurse is terrible and controlling.

(B) She does not want the patient to go to sleep.

(C ) The primary purpose of walking is to prevent thrombophlebitis.

(D)To avoid bedpan.

5. A newly diagnosed cancer patient is to start chemotherapy.

The nurse should know that the early side effect of chemotherapy is.

(A) Weakness and irritation

(B )Poor appetite and sleep.

(C) Anger and frustration.

(D) Mouth ulcerations.

6. Patient wanted to know if he will be bald as a result of the chemotherapy.

The nurse should.

(A) Assess patient understanding of alopecia.

(B) Explain the side effect of chemotherapy.

(C ) Encourage patient not focus on that yet.

(D )No you will be just fine.

ANSWERS 1.D,2 A,3.A,4.C,5.D,6.A

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