IN THE ISLAND OF KEMU.Rules of the Palace.(1) Male child will inherit the throne.(2) Female child must be relegated to the background with her mother.(3) Two maids for each wife.(4) Maids must not be circumcised.(5) Only the male maids will prepare the king meals.(6) The wives must be well dressed all the time.(7) Wives during their menstruation should not allow the King to see it.It must be kept in the dark.

The king married three wives. Any of the wives that produce a male child will be the Permanent wife.But the wife that is unable to produce a male child will be relegated to the background. The first wife produced a female child.The second wife produced a female child.They were not banished from the compound,rather they were allowed to remain in the compound.

But the third wife produced a son named Andrew,and was banished from the Palace without the king awareness.

So the boy grew up outside of the king Palace.

So the second wife is very jealous of the third wife, that she often send the Palace dog to harass the third wife and his son even though they do not live in the Palace.So one day the Huge dog came and the boy started to sing.The huge big dog from the Palace why are you here harassing me and my mom.I am suppose to be in the Palace with my mother and the king but we were forced to leave the Palace. So why are you here?. Please leave me and my mother alone. Let us be.One day the truth will be told and justice will be served.So please leave us a alone.He went further to tell the big dog the rule of the king is that any of the king wives that gave birth to a male child will inherit the King Palace.Why are mine ostracized with my mother?Who gave birth to a male child. So if I may ask again why are you here?Why are you disturbing me and my mother?

Andrew repeatedly kept asking questions without a good response or even any response.

The information finally got to the King,who ordered for Andrew and his mother to return to the Palace immediately.Andrew was cleaned and dressed up in a royal attire like a Prince. His mother was also dressed up as a princess.

The first and second wife were banished from the Palace with their children and their maids.

A big celebration was ordered to honor Andrew and his mother.

The town Cryer went around the villages, from one village to another announcing the event.”Everyone listen up, next week Saturday will be a great celebration of the King and his house in honor of his son and wife. And the next four Markets week which happen to fall on “Afor” will be a big traditional wedding of the king and his third wife and in the evening will be a church wedding “.It is therefore a Mandate that everybody Must attend.The king also promised that other weddings will take place later on that day.To Mark in the traditional Calendar as a permanent record wedding day in the city of KEMU.

Most people love the announcement and they liked the announcer.Preparation started right away in the King households and in the entire ISLAND of KEMU.It was something that they were looking forward to.

The King,Mary,and Andrew lived happily there after.


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