PPE is commonly used in healthcare settings specifically in laboratory, dental offices, hospitals and clinics.It is a barrier between viruses,blood ,body fluids and bacteria contaminants from reaching the skin, nose,mouth and eyes.

Provision of Personal Protective Equipment is a task that should be accomplished.You cannot go to the war front without been probably equipped otherwise there will be so many casualties.Same thing applies here, you cannot face a deadly virus without adequate protection and lack of testing.Personal protective equipment known as PPE include goggles, face shield, protective clothing, face mask, and helmets.They are simply design to protect the wearer from the spread of infection, disease, bacteria or illness.

It also protect the patients with pre- existing conditions and low immunity from getting infected.If use properly with adequate handwashing, cover mouth when sneezing and use of sanitizer will go a long way to help minimize infection.

Proper use and removal of PPE is very important and there are CDC recommended guidelines to follow.

PPE use must meet up with the FDA standard.

In 1873 Nursing education programs was started in America. It was inspired by Florence Nightingale based on the British model. Nursing profession gave women the opportunity to earn honest living rather than for just reproductive .But due to technological and social changes Nursing profession became a gigantic business and was manipulated for profits by some groups of people. Also due to not having enough conceptual base, nursing education, nursing profession are manipulated by doctors and hospitals administration.The same control have continue to influence Nursing profession at this Coronavirus Pandemic with inadequate provisions of adequate PPE and lack of testing.

Nurses are on the frontline for the COVID19. They spent more hours with their patients more than any other healthcare workers.

They are there when the going is good and when it is bad.When the patient need tissue, cry,or the need to call or speak with family.

They are there for vital signs. Give tylenol for fever,and retake the vital signs.Assist the doctors with procedures such as intubation, tracheotomy placement or chest tube placement.

Nurses are there for medications administration, blood transfusion,oxygen saturation,suctioning and providing comfort.They are there for CHG bath.They are standing family member when the family are not around.

Nurses are there for the patients making sure that patients are breathing and maintaining adequate cardiac output.

Encourage patients to cope with the disease process hereby decreasing the fear of death.

Nurses promote patient comfort making sure that their physiological response doesn’t lead to dysrhythmia.

Ensuring that the myocardium is contracting, otherwise stimulate the myocardium to contract when the intrinsic rhythm is absent.

Patient and family continuous education on the disease process.

Assessment of the hemodynamic response such as level of consciousness, shortness of breath, oxygenation, and temperature evaluation.

The nurse will place patient on the left side when patient is exhibiting symptoms of aspiration.



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