CDC Recommended Symptoms on Coronavirus(COVID19)

According to the Centers for disease control the initial symptoms associated with COVID19 are Coughing, Fever and Shortness of breath. These symptoms appear 2 – 14 days after exposure to Coronavirus.

But recently CDC confirmed more six symptoms and these include.


Repeated shaking and chills.

Muscle pain.


Sore throat.

Loss of taste or smell.

Coronavirus is very new so we are learning more symptoms every day.

Some people were tested after they have recovered, so their test were negative .And some people were not even tested at all and they recovered. We will continue to follow and comply with CDC Recommendations.

I recall that the WUHAN doctors included confusion and abdominal discomfort as some of the symptoms they observed from WUHAN patients.

Coronavirus (COVID19) is a respiratory illness caused by novel Coronavirus called SARS- CoV- 2.

Coronavirus may often cause Pneumonia which is lung infection.It is a common cause of bronchitis.

The symptoms can range from mild to severe respiratory illness. COVID19 originated from WUHAN CHINA around November 2019.COVID19 has been declared Pandemic by WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Doctors, Researchers, Scientists are working round the clock to find a permanent solutions to these deadly diseases. Over 58,000 people have died in the United States.

The complications of Coronavirus are severe lungs disease (Pneumonia) and death.

How do we treat COVID19.

Currently there is no medications to treat COVID19. But these are the recommendations.

Pain medication and fever reducer.

Build your immune system.


If the situation worsen go to the hospital and you will be given.

Intravenous fluids. (Hydration is needed)

Oxygenation of the body.You will be given oxygen or placed on ventilator.

We do not have vaccines or medications yet.Please remember to wash your hands frequently with soap and water, use hand sanitizer. Listen and follow your State and local authorities orders.

Sneeze into your elbow. Do not touch your mouth eyes and face.

Disinfect frequently touch areas such as door knobs.

Avoid crowded gatherings.

Testing,testing and Contact tracing is very important.

If someone in your home test positive, quarantine everyone. Always practice good hygiene.

Check your temperature frequently.

What are Nursing Diagnosis to this disease.

Nursing Diagnosis related to COVID19.

Isolation is definitely one of them. Because most of the patients and their families were separated due to COVID19.

Impaired breathing pattern related to COVID19.

Altered comfort related to COVID19.

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