Nigeria my Nigeria.

Where have you been.

I have been searching for you.

The beautiful Nigeria I know.

The very intelligent people.

Highly resourceful people.

Oh Nigeria where did you go.

The giant of Africa.

I must not mourn you.

But cling to hope.

Yes I said hope.

In the good old days.

In the North were groundnuts.

It was growing in abundance.

Groundnuts everywhere.

You heard me groundnuts.

We survived with it.

In the South were palm trees.

Were produced for oil and soaps.

We exported palm oil.

We exported groundnuts.

We were very happy with it.

Populous but happy.

Very resourceful creatures.

Oh Nigeria what happened to you.

In the West was production of Cocoa.

It was wonderful and beautiful.

We had surplus Cocoa.

And we were contented and pleasant.

Then came the curse of our nation.

Petroleum have a strange effects on our country.

As soon as oil was discovered.

Nigeria you lost your mind.

Why should you .

You were country full of mineral resources.

It was gift from God.

Some nations want to keep you down.

But instead of looking to see.

You keep fighting yourself.

Open your eyes and see.

Instead of the oil helping .

Destroy the economic health and political health of the Nigeria system.

Our leaders became corrupt.

The petroleum should be,

Blessings not curse.

Reaping away the wealth of our

Nation to hide in foreign banks.

Manipulated by foreign leaders.

Is it authenticated.

To relegate Nigeria to the background.

The leaders fell for it.

It will enrich their pockets.

Palm oil production died.

And was buried without befitted

Funeral rites.

Can it ever be resurrected.

Cocoa died.

Some tried but who was listening.

Groundnuts died.

Or did it not die.

Our people became very idle.

Poor bureaucracy affected them.

No good amenities.

No good hospitals.

Everywhere houses.

No play grounds.

Complaints and complaining

all the time.

Hausas complaining about igbos.

Yorubas complaining about igbos.

Igbos complaining about hausa.

But kept working extremely hard

To make ends meet.

Government major source

of the problems.

They became comfortable with it.

Got use to it as it get worst.

Begging is the new normal.

Oh Nigeria I cry for you.

Oh who killed you.


and disappointments.

Have robbed you away.

Like armed robbers.

International oil companies guilty as hell.

Bring back great leaders.

That love their people.

Bring back cocoa.

Bring back palm oil.

Bring back groundnuts.

Help each other out.

Stop dishonesty.

Stop the hate.

Love and beloved.

Nigeria please come back.

Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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  1. I love this. You are an inspiration friend. You hit the bulls eye. Thank you. Please how do you reblog this?Thank you very much. Go ahead and reblog.


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