Come to me.

Come back to you.

Back to us.

We must not be recolonalized.

By East.

By the West.

They should keep those

Fingers away from Nigeria.

You are our parents.

We miss you so much.

We got no other parents.

But you Nigeria.

You are our hope and strength.

Our cries must not go,

Unnoticed .

The labor of our fathers and heroes.

Will never be forgotten.

We are one Nation.

Under God.

under Olorun.

Under Obasi.

Under Allah.

Under Chukwu.

Stop pointing fingers .

Where is our mineral resources.


Palm trees.



Nigeria don’t go.

We want you back.

Where is the Race Course in LAGOS.

How can we bring back.

Peace and tranquility.

Where is trustworthiness.

As I look at them in the

Markets lying to each other.

Igbo lying to igbos.

Yoruba lying to yorubas.

Hausa lying to hausas.

Nigeria hide from their lies.

Please come back.

No more lies .

Speak the truth.

Yes the truth.

Will it kill you.

Nigeria will grow in

honesty and love.

Our leaders should serve us.

Not rob us

Our daily lives.

Our leaders should stop stealing

Foreign banks are noticing .

I cry for my Nigeria.

I cry for peace, honesty and justice

To reign in Nigeria.

Yes you will be back .

To attain a lofty position.

In the world.

My Nigeria.

Our Nigeria come back to us.

We must understand that lies.

Are poisonous that kills

If left unchecked.

Let us be faithful to Nigeria.

Stop the deception.

Yes deception.

Nigeria resources.

Are scattered all

Over the world.


So many Nigerians died.

From Coronavirus

In foreign lands.

That they are forced to call home.

Their deaths must not be in vain.

They did not die for nothing.

Died for something.


Arise Nigeria.

Land of our ancestors.

Stop the shame.

Have highly intelligent people.

Yes brilliant people.

We have beautiful people.

Scattered around the

Corners of the world.

Look around you

Nigeria will overcome.

Nigeria must not be buried.

Nigeria must not be mourn.

Arise fellow Nigerians.

Arise and embrace your parents.

Nigeria ,for he is back.

God bless Nigeria.

I must cling tight

And not let you go.

We celebrate you Nigeria.

Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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