Miss D.R. 65years old female was brought to the Emergency room by her son and daughter in law.

CODE STATUS : DNR.(Do not resuscitate)


Contact Isolation precautions for C- diff. She came in with abdominal pain x3 days, nausea, vomiting and history of left breast cancer.

Admitting Diagnosis:

Abdominal pain/Sepsis/ Pyelonephritis, C- diff (+).

Secondly Diagnosis:

Brain cancer, lung cancer, and left breast mastectomy. HLP( hyperlipidemia)renal mass,UTI,left great toe amputation, loose stools.

Hemo/ Oncology consult

Chemotherapy in 2017.

Vancomycin 125mg po Q6hrs ×10 days.

Keflex po Q6hours × 10 days.

Incision and drainage of the left great toe.(Dressing change with Petrolum gauze QOD)+ prn.

Alert and oriented × 4 but forgetful.

Right chest Mediport in place but not in use at this time.

Room Air.

Blood sugar Qac + Qhs.


Discharge home with hospice .

Questions :

Why is the patient with Medport since it is not in use?

Why is the plan of care discharge home with hospice?.

The patient is on Vancomycin 125mg po.Why?.

How long does C-diff Isolation precautions last.

What is cancer?.

What is metastatic cancer?.

What is DNR?.

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