Age/Sex 66years.Female

Name of patient: Winter,Peter.

Admitted 02 /19/13.

Admitting Doctor: Dr. Don’t Hate.

MR: Q0000889664

Unit # Q00000006

Location: 5NorthEast



Diagnosis: Thrombophlebitis of the left leg.

Alert and oriented x4

Allergy NKDA .

Activity: Bedrest.

Room air.

Maintain 02 saturation >92%.

Thrombophlebitis is the inflammation of blood vessels. Signs and symptoms pain, swelling, redness, warm at site,low grade fever,positive Homan’s signs(Pain in upper calf on dorsiflexion of foot).


Good skin care for bedrest.

Stool softeners.

Deep breathing exercises.

Elastic wraps from toe.

On air mattress and heel pads for protection.

Bedrest for 5 to 7 days to prevent disgorgement of clot,prevent skin breakdown.This is very important.


What is the most essential items for the nurse to have available?.Answer : Air mattress and heal pad.

Why should this patient be on bedrest?.

Answer: To prevent dislodgement of clot.

Stool softeners?.Why?

Answer: patient is placed on Bedrest.

What is Thrombophlebitis?.

About 6hours after a client delivered of a term infant, the nurse helps her to Ambulate .The nurse would explain to the patient that the primary purpose of walking is to prevent:

Answer: Thrombophlebitis.

The doctor orders IV fluids, a central line and indwelling catheter for a patient admitted with a gunshot wound. The patient’s urinary output is 15ml per hour. Appropriate nursing diagnosis would be alteration in urinary elimination secondary to what?

Answer : Extracellular volume depletion.

A 40 years old woman visit her doctor with a complaint of right calf tenderness and pain.In reviewing the patient health care history, the nurse should conclude that which of the following would cause the patient to develop Thrombophlebitis?

Answer: Use of oral contraceptives. Risk is reversible if medication is withdrawn.

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