(1)Haloperidol(Haldol) 5mg po tid is ordered for patient with Schizophrenia. Two days later the patient complain of tight jaws and a stiff neck.The nurse should recognize that these complain are:


(A)Early Symptoms of extrapyramidol reactions to the medications.

(B )That is normal for this patient.

(C) None of the above.

(D) All of the above.

Correct answer A.

Schizophrenia :Is a serious mental disorder in which people interprets a normal situation(reality)abnormally. This results is a combination of hallucinations and delusions together. Grandeur behavior that one has special personality.An extremely disordered behavior that affects the daily functions of life and can be disabling.The believe that one is a victim of a plot,loose association, psychomotor retardation, hyperactivity, loud rapid talking, inability to sit still (Akathiasia)

SYMPTOMS OF SCHIZOPHRENIA. Withdrawal, flat affects,suspicious,loss of association, short attention span,inability to meet physical needs, unable to feed self ,poor personal hygiene, inappropriate dress.


Nurse will need to provide patient with assistance to meet basic needs.

(2)A man is admitted to the hospital with Schizophrenia. The nurse assesses the patient and finds his appearance disheveled and unkempt. Which of the following approaches by the nurse is likely to be the most successful in providing for the patient personal hygiene needs while he is actively ill?


(A) Ignore him.

(B) Direct him to shower himself, offer assistance as needed.

(C) Wait for him to recover fully.

(D) B & C


(3)Symptoms of Schizophrenia can be:

(A) Short attention span, flat affect,poor personal hygiene,everything is normal.

(B )Laughing too much and talking to self.

(C )Eat food nonstop all day.

(D) None of the above.

Correct answer A.

(4) Tom is Frank best friend.When Frank came to see his friend Tom,he became afraid that there is a plot going on to kill him,very suspicious of his friends and unable to meet his physical needs. His friends and family suspected that Tom is:

(A) Diabetic

B Bipolar disorder.

( C) High cholesterol and hypertension.

(D) Schizophrenia disorder.

(5) He was offered food to eat but refused to eat the food?.He talked rapidly and unable to sit still.The family knows that his refusal to eat is due:

(A) his inability to feed self.

(B )Because he doesn’t like the food.

(C )He prefer banana and coffee.

(D) All of the above.

Correct answer A.

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