CVA is Cerebrovascular Accident. CVA (Medical term)is another name for a stroke.This happens when there is shortage of blood supply to the brain due to rupture of blood vessels or blockage. Without the oxygen in the blood, the brain cells will die.Symptoms of stroke depends on the part of brain affected.

There are two types of stroke.

Ischemic(obstruction) Stroke : When blood supply to the brain stops. This can lead to a permanent damage.

The Hemorrhagic stroke is when blood vessels weaken and rupture (Bleeding)Patient can die if the bleeding is not controlled.

Transient Ischemic stroke. We call this Mini stroke.This is caused by temporary blood clot.It does not cause a permanent damage.

Cryptogenic Stoke.This is known as Cerebral Ischemic stroke. It is reversible


Hypertension It is the major cause of stroke. Treat your high blood pressure. 140/80 or higher. See your doctor.

Heart disease: Clogged arteries from fatty deposits, atrial fibrillation, irregular heart beat,defective heart valves call and follow up with your doctor.

Cigarette chewing or Smoking. The nicotine will raise your blood pressure. When you are smoking ,you are helping fatty buildup around your neck artery.

Diabetes is often associated with hypertension, overweight and high blood sugar. Take control, take charge of your health , eat right and exercise. Control your blood pressure and your blood sugar.

Family history. Family history is another serious factors. So know your family tree.

Age.Stroke is often more common on people above 55years than younger people.

Race : African Americans are more likely according studies.But I will encourage changes in lifestyle, diet and have a doctor and listen to the doctor about your health. Be part of your health don’t smoke,watch your sodium intake.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

CT Scan to show whether there is bleeding, obstruction of blood flow ,and helps to show type of stroke and location.

Series of Xray is done.


Thrombolysis commonly known as thrombotic therapy. Use to dissolve blood clot in blood vessels and improve blood flow. Prevent damage to organs and tissues.

Stroke Rehabilitation to help patients to regain skills such as speech,eating ,and walking.

(1)A 72years old woman suffers a CVA in her left temporal lobe and is admitted to the hospital. When performing an assessment of the patient, the nurse could expect some impairment in the patient.


Left hemisphere controls speech, math skills, analytical thinking.

(2) During the acute phase of CVA,the nurse should maintain the patient on bedrest in which positions?.


Supine with the head of bed elevated 30 to 45 degree. facilitates venous drainage from rain,reduces intracranial pressures,keep head in midline.

(3) A 68 years man is transferred to an Extended Care Facility following a CVA.The patient has right sided paralysis and has been experiencing dysphagia. The nurse observes the Nursing Assistant prepare the patient to eat lunch. Which of the following situations would require an intervention by the nurse?.

What option is wrong?.

Wrong answer: The nursing Assistant waters down the pudding to help patient swallow.

Correct answer: Patient is placed in high Fowler’s position. Put food in the back of his mouth on the affected side.

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