Comprehensive Questions and answers in Nursing for nurses.

(381)What would put you at risk for contracting AIDS, Hepatitis B and C?.

(A )Exposure to sharing bathroom.

(B) Living in the same house with same patient.

(C) knowledge deficit.

(D )Exposure to blood and body fluids.

Correct answer D.

True or false

(382)In dry surrounding skin you should choose a dressing that keeps the ulcer bed moist while the surrounding intact(periulcer) skin dry.

A True.

B False

Correct answer True .

(383)All of the following is correct except?.

(A )Avoid overpacking wound.

Overpacking may increase pressure and cause additional tissue damage.

(C )Eliminate wound dead space by loosely filling all cavities with dressing material. Prevent abscess formation.

(D) Only losers change wound dressing.

Correct answer D.

(384)All of the following statement are correct except?.

(A )Pressure ulcer requires dressings to maintain physiological integrity.

(B)An ideal dressing should protect the wound, be biocompatible and provides hydration.

C It must be very dry.

D The cardinal rule is to keep the ulcer tissue moist and the surrounding intact skin remain dry and intact.

Correct answer C.

(385)What is Trousseau ‘a sign?

(A)It is carpopedal spasm known as spasmodic contractions of the hand and feet muscles triggered in about three minutes after blood pressure level went 20mmHg higher above patient systolic pressure .

(B )It is the hyperloop.

(C )Hyperrritability of the facial nerve manifested by facial spasms.

(D )Stress and irritability.

Correct answer A.

(386)What is the appropriate PH analysis

(A)PH less than <7.35 is acidosis .

PH greater than >7.45 is alkalosis.

If the PH is acidosis the disorder will be respiratory acidosis. Also if the PC02 indicates acidosis call it respiratory acidosis.

If the HC03 = 12 it is acidosis.

HCO3 less than < 22- acidosis.

If HC03 is greater than >26 it is alkalosis.

PH >7.45 – alkalosis.

When the PH indicates alkalosis call the disorder respiratory alkalosis.

Metabolic acidosis if the HCO3 indicates acidosis.

PH = 7.49 ,PCO2 = 30,HCO3 =normal (24).

(B)It is what it is.

(C)None of the above is correct.

(D)B and C are correct.

Correct answer A .

(386)PH >7.45 will be an indication for what?

A Respiratory acidosis

B Metabolic acidosis.

C Respiratory alkalosis.

D Metabolic alkalosis.

Correct answer C.

Rationale: When the PH indicates alkalosis call the disorder respiratory alkalosis .

PH <7.35 is acidosis.

PH >7.45 is alkalosis.

Normal PH is 7.35 to 7.45.Metabolic alkalosis in which PH is elevated. Metabolic acidosis is usually a buildup of acid in the body. The kidney is diseased and cannot function well to filter out the blood. Kidney is not getting rid of the acid or the body is producing too much acid.In metabolic acidosis the blood bicarbonate is 12 to 22mEq.The normal blood bicarbonate is 22 to 29.Symptoms include fatigue, confusion, headache, upset stomach.Treatment keep blood bicarbonate above 22mEq/L.

Normal bicarbonate is 22 to 29mEq/L.Take calcium citrate or calcium carbonate as ordered by your doctor.

Normal ABG Values and range.

Pao2 90mmHg 80-100mmHg .

Sa02 93 – 100%.

Paco2 40mmHg 35 – 45mmHg.

HC03 24mmHg 22 to 26.

(387)What is ABG?.

A arterial blood gas.

B artery bad and gases.

C Abdominal blood gas.

D B and C.

Correct answer A.

(388)What is the normal PH range?.

(A) 7.35 to 7.45.

(B )7.25 to 7.45.

(C )7.30 to 7.46.

(D) 7.29 to 7.46.

Correct answer A.

(389) A newly diagnosed patient with Alzheimer disease is admitted to the hospital. The nurse first action will be to?.

(A) Introduce patient to his roommate.

(B )Give patient toothpaste and toothbrush.

(C )Give the patient finger food.

(D) Assess the patient’s level of orientation during the admission process.

Correct answer D.

(390)A 33years old female comes to the recovery room following a tympanoplasty of the right ear.The nurse should?.

(A) Position the patient flat in bed with affected ear up.

(B )Position patient supine in bed with affected ear lateral.

(C )Position patient on the left side with affected ear downward.

(D )Allow patient to choose comfortable position.

Correct answer A.

Rationale: Flat in bed for 12 hours with affected ear up prevent disgorgement of graft.

(391) If a new born fail to pass meconium within 24hours after birth. It will indicate to the nurse that?

( A) celiac disease.

(B) Chickenpox.

(C) Abdominal wall infection.

(D) Hirschsprung’s disease.

Correct answer D.

Rationale:If a newborn fails to pass meconium. It is a strong indicator for hirschsprung’s disease.

(392)A mother of a 2years and 3months old daughter is concern about her child umbilical hernia.What will be the nurse most appropriate statement?

(A)You might want to ask your pediatrician.

(B ) Hold on I am new.Let me ask my charge nurse.

(C )Definitely I think that surgery is the best option.

(D)As she gets older the defect will become smaller and will be close by the time that your daughter starts school.

Correct answer D.

Rationale: Umbilical hernia usually closes spontaneously by the age of 3years to 4 years old.

(393) A 68years old woman diagnosed with Alzheimer disease is being discharged. The nurse teaches her daughter how to care for her mother at home. Which statement if made by her daughter will be an indication that she understands how to care for her mother at home?.

(A) I will just let her do her own thing.

(B) I thought that God is perfect and he made this stupid mistake.

(C ) It is important to establish a routine for daily activities.

(D ) None of the above.

Correct answer C.

Rationale:Consistent environment and routine helps with memory.

Alzheimer disease (senile dementia)chronic, progressive degenerative disease resulting in cerebral atrophy. Signs and symptoms are changes in memory, confusion, disorientation, change in personality. Most common after the age of 65years. Nursing Responsibilities: Reorient as needed, speak slowly. Clocks and calendars in the room.Bed in low position with side rail up.

(394)The nurse is assisting an elderly client’s family to cope with the stress of caring for the client at home. The nurse knows that when client has dementia. Which of the following is most likely to increase the family’s stress?.

(A )The client wandering.

(B)The client poor appetite.

(C )The client’s inability to recognize and communicate with the family.

( D) None of the above.

Correct answer C.

(395)The nurse prepares an adult client for instillation of ear drops. The nurse should use which of the following methods to administer the ear drops?.

(A )Warm the solution. Drop the medication along the side of the ear canal.

(B) Let patient drop.

(C ) None of the above.

(D)All of the above.

Correct answer A.

Rationale: prevents acoustic nerve reflex and dizziness. This method will not damage the tympanic membrane.

(396) A 42years old woman is admitted to the hospital for surgical repair of a retinal tear of the right eye.While waiting for surgery which of the following nursing interventions should receive the highest priority?.

(A )Place patch on the right eye.Position him on the right side,and increase sensory stimuli.

(B) Patch is not needed. Only facemask.

(C) patient should be sitting in upright position.

(D) Let him decide.

Correct answer A.

(397)A 52years man is admitted to the hospital for treatment of severe diverticulitis. Because he has not responded well to medical treatment .Surgical treatment with a colostomy is scheduled. The nurse plan to teach the patient ostomy self care.Which of the following will the nurse recognize to have the greatest influence on the success of the teaching?.

(A )Patient acceptance of the colostomy and the ability to manage it well at home.

(B)The vow not to look at the bag or touch it.

(C )Patient vomited each time that colostomy is mentioned.

(D )All of the above.

Correct answer A.

Rationale: Provide proper education on how to manage the colostomy. Clean stoma and surrounding skin with moisten cloth. Do no use soap or cleanser because it will cause problem and keep barrier from sticking.

(398)The nurse performs discharge teaching with a woman who has been treated for a duodenal ulcer. The patient is to continue taking ranitidine (Zantac)and aluminum hydroxide ( Amphojel) at home. The patient asks the nurse what she should do if she experience epigastric discomfort between meals. Which of the following suggestion,if provided by the nurse should be most appropriate?.

(A) Take additional Amphojel.OTC antacid,take 4 to 6 tablets a day as ordered by your doctor.

(B) Call your doctor.

(C)Good back to emergency room.

( D ) It is going to go away.

Correct answer A.

(399)A client is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is manic physic with combative behavior. An initial nursing priority is to?.

(A ) Adminster and monitor sedative and mood stability medication.

(B )Do not allow patient to escape.

(C )All of the above.

(D) None of the above.

Correct answer A.

(400) A young adult client describes her fears about taking the elevator to the 15th floor of her office building. She states feeling anxious, dizzy her heart races and she is short of breath.This information gained during the nursing assessment reveals that the client is probably experiencing?.

(A )Hallucination.

(B )Phobic disorder.

(C) Delusions.

(D )All of the above.

Correct answer B.

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