CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE. Questions and answers.

The kidneys are known as two heart-shaped organs. Each of this kidney is approximately the size of human fist.They are located on the back of the body, on each side of the spine, just below the rib cage.The main functions of the kidneys is to remove waste and water from the body.And they also produce essential hormones including vitamin D,renin,and erythropoietin. Also each of this kidney contains approximately one million function units called nephrons.The nephrons which is made up of two major parts, functions is to form urine and remove waste substances from the bloodstream. The glomerulus filters the blood, removing waste products while keeping proteins and blood cells in the bloodstream. As the functions of the kidney reduce. The kidney will have difficulty to balance fluids concentration in the body. Edema and Hypertension develops because the body cannot remove salts and fluids from bloodstream.

(1)All of the following are the functions of healthy kidney except?.

(A) produce parathyroid hormone.

(B )Removal of water and waste products from the body.

( C )Production of vitamin D.

(D)Produce erythropoietin.

Correct answer A.


The function of the kidney is not to produce parathyroid hormone. The parathyroid gland produces parathyroid hormone.

(2)KDIGO workgroup recommends restrictions of sodium for adults with chronic kidney disease is?.

(A)Less than 4gram.

(B)Less than 1gram.

(C)Less than 2gram.

(D)Greater than 5grams.

Correct answer C.

(3)What is the targeted blood pressure recommended for CKD patients?.


(B )130/80.

(C) 150/90.


Correct answer B.

(4)Anemia is associated with all of the following except?.

(A )Excess exercise and activity.

(B )Decreased in the quality of life.

(C )Feeling of tiredness .

(D) Dizziness.

Correct answer A.

Rationale: Low hemoglobin levels will make you to feel tired, lightheaded but not excessive activity because you cannot do what you want to do.

(5)The nurse on assessment of a 76years old man with chronic kidney disease will expect?.

(A)Renal response to sodium intake decreased. Blood urea nitrogen levels decreased by 10%.Kidney atrophy and increase in size.

(B ) Kidney disease is a hoax.

( C) Patient will not need dialysis.

(D) B and C.

Correct answer A.

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