Comprehensive Questions and Answers.

(401)What is the antidote for coumadin?.

(A) Protamine sulfate.

(B) Vitamin K.

(C )Narcan.

(D )Streptokinase.

Ccorrect answer B.

Rationale: Inhibits blood clotting by interfering with hepatic synthesis of Vitamin clotting factors. Vitamins K helps with the clotting. Antidote for heparin is Protamine sulfate. Antidote for opioids is Narcan.

(402) Laboratory test to test the actions of heparin are?

(A) Sedimentation rate.

(B) WBC,and CBC.

(C) Partial Thromboplastin time or PTT.

D Coag and ABG.

Correct answer C.

Rationale : PTT test is for heparin while PT test is for Coumadin.Prothrombin time test is going to be expressed as INR(International Normalization Ratio )

(403)When it comes to patient education just because you teach it doesn’t mean that compliance will follow?

A True

B False

Correct answer A.

You have to educate and allow patient to return demonstration of what was taught because some patients are noncompliance no matter what.There should be a follow up teaching after discharge to minimize frequent flyers.

(404)Is pain subject or objective?.

(A )Pain is Subjective and objective. Objective is your findings example grimacing,vital sign high blood pressure. Subjective because it is what the patient said about pain his or pain level.

(B) It is what it is.

(C) It is hoax.Some of these patients come to the hospital to get high.

(D) He is sleeping that means that he is no in pain.

Correct answer A.

Rationale:Pain is always rated as patient said.It is not the amount of physical injury sustained by the patient but rather by complex determined factors such as medical history, psychological history, culture, age, sex,and beliefs. Some patient you can see it ,for example grimacing, moaning, increase in blood pressure and some you cannot see it.Follow the doctor orders.

(405)Free nerve endings in the skin, tissues and organs called Nociceptors located in the afferent fibers are known as?.

(A) Peptide.

(B) Receptor sites.

(C)Psychological dependence.

(D )Pain pathway.

Correct answer D.

(406)What is Opiate receptor?

(A)receptors that act in a highly selective manner with opiate drugs thus improving the potency of the drugs.

B Opiate has different receptor sites.

(C) Endogenous peptides.

(D) All of the above.

Correct answer A.

(407)It is a requirement that patients have nasal Swabs for MRSA collected within 24hours of admission.

(A )True.

(B) False.

Correct answer A

(408)The nurse plans care for a 45years old female admitted 2days ago for treatment of newly diagnosed bipolar disorder. The physician admitting orders included to give Lithium po Bid.Before administration of morning dose lithium, the nurse should?.

(A) Check to see if patient blood has been drawn that morning for a lithium level.

(B )Check the potassium levels.

(C) C02 level in the blood.

(D ) None of the above. Correct answer A.

(409)A male patient with obsessive compulsive disorder is often late for therapy sessions because of his need to shower for one hour each morning. In order to get the patient to therapy on time the nurse should take which of the following actions.

(A) Warn him to be ready on time.

(B) Cover for the patient.

(C) Awaken him early and allow him to shower for one hour.

(D) None of the above is correct.

Correct answer C.

(410)What are Opiate receptors?.

(A)Opiate receptors are found at the pre and post synaptic sites of the ascending pain transmission system in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord, the brainstem, thalamus and the cortex. Three Opiate receptors are Mu,delta and kappa. Each receptors play different roles.

(B ) All medications receptors.

(C )All of the above.

(D) None of the above is correct.

Correct answer A.

(411)The doctor placed patient on Coumadin (Warfarin).How will the prothrombin test result be expressed?.

(A) PT.

(B ) PTT.

(C )Coag.

(D)INR(international normalized ratio)

Correct answer D.

Rationale: Prothrombin time test is for Coumadin and is expressedas INR. PT and PTT is the test for heparin.

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