Abduction: The lateral movement of body part away from the midline of your body. Abcess : A localized collection of pus.

Acute Cholecystitis is inflammation of gallbladder, a small digestive organ beneath the liver. The signs and symptoms pain in upper middle area radiating around to back,jaundice, nausea/Vomiting, flatulence, boating, belching, intolerance to fatty foods. Treatment of chioce is cholecystectomy.

Antibody: To response to a specific antigen, the body produces immunoglobulin.

Acute pain: Pain that last for few seconds to six months.

Assertiveness: The use of honest, open and direct communication for one to be able to stand up for self and others .

Assault: To make a body contact with another person without permission. Atelectases: The collapse of the lung or incomplete expansion of the lungs..

Ascites: When fluids accumulate in the peritoneal cavity.

Arteriovenous Fistula: This is an abnormal connection of the artery to a vein from side to side or end to end.It takes two to six weeks to mature. Alopecia is a partial loss or complete loss of hair from one area of the body where hair normally grows.

AV node (Atrioventricular node)picks up electrical impulse at the base of the sinoatrial node.Anorexia is a dramatic weight loss, distorted body image fear of obesity, anemia, amenorrhea. This is common in females between the age of twelve years to eighteen years.Bereavement:It is going through grief process due to the loss of lives. Biopsy samples of tissue is taken to identify unusual cells. No anesthesia needed. May have cramping sensation. Expect restriction on intercourse, douching, swimming for three days.

Binder : Is a big broad bandage strong,flexible and usually use to fit a large body. It can be be at one end to fit if the client is very big.Bowel Movement: Also known as defecation. It is the emptying of the intestine tract.

Bedsore: It is related to pressure ulcer. Also known as decubitus ulcer. Lack of circulation to the affected areas of the body and it leads to cellular damage of the affected areas. Bronchodilators:This is the medication that will relax the contraction of smooth muscle of the bronchioles.

Cerebral palsy is abnormal development of the brain often at birth which affects muscle coordination and movement. About one third of these children with cerebral palsy have normal intelligence. And two third of them have mental retardation. Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) This antidepressant medication used to successfully treat panic attacks and for Schizophrenia. Cystoscopy: Scope is inserted into the bladder through the urethra. Allows for visualization of the bladder, ureter,urethra. Culdoscopy is a diagnostic procedure use for visualization of ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus through lighted tube inserted into vagina and through cultural de sac.Cultures and Smears is a procedure in which samples of tissues are taken to identify infection processes or identify abnormal cells. Colposcopy is a procedure done for the visualization of cervix and vaginal tissue for color,shape, vasculature and lesions. Prep:Foley catheter inserted for decompression of bladder C02 introduced for visualization and general anesthesia

External fixator: Is use to keep fractured bone stabilized and in alignment. It is adjusted externally to ensure that the bones remain in position during the healing process.Fibrocystic breast is an hormonal imbalance. Characterized by multiple cysts development. Fluid filled ,free moving,tender. There are enlargement during menstrual periods. They are benign but are associated with risk of breast cancer. Monitor for changes Encourage patients to limit coffee, chocolate and theophylline far from diet. Prepare the patient for the possibility of aspiration or biopsy or even surgery.

Inability to sit still is known as Akathiasia which is common in Schizophrenia. Liver biopsy is aspiration of tissue via needle for examination. Preoperative NPO for six hours. Procedures local anesthesia, position supine or lateral with upper arm elevated. Exhale during needle insertion and hold breath for 5 to 10seconds to avoid punching is the diaphragm. Post test Patient to lying on right side for one to two hours. Bedrest for 24hours, check vital sign. Check for tachycardia and hypotension (hemorrhage)respiration (Pneumothorax)

Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (Depo Provera)

Myomectomy is the removal of fibroid without the removal of the uterus.Milieu Therapy is a 24hours therapeutic environment designed for patient whose ability to cope with reality has deteriorated. Helps increase patient’s awareness of feeling, increasing sense of responsibility to community and help return patient to community. Patient plans social and group interactions to use token program,open rewards, self medication.

Schizophrenia is a grandeur behavior in which a person has a special perseculary believe that one is a victim of a plot.Loose association, psychomotor retardation, hyperactivity and loud talking. Hysterectomy:

Subtotal Hysterectomy is the removal of the fundus only.Total Hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus but vagin remains. Total Abdominal Hysterectomy with bilateral sapingoophorectomy (TAH- BSO)is the removal of uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries Radical Hysterectomy is the removal of lymph nodes as well as TAH-BSO.Assess for hemorrhage ,infection, Thrombophlebitis. If ovaries are removed estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) may be needed.

True labor. Bloody show of mucous. Umbilical cord collapse.

Uterine cancer is a cancer that begins in the uterus.Symptoms are water discharge, irregular menstrual bleeding, menorrhagia. Diagnosed by endometrial biopsy or curettage. Intervention internal radiation implants. Must restrict movement, Bedrest with air mattress, enema,douches, low residue diet,ample fluids. Indwelling catheter and fractured pan for elimination. Visitors and professionals wear protective garment and limit exposure time. Dislodged implant must be handled with special tongs and placed in clean-lined container for removal, call hospital radiation therapy specialist first.Sprain is mild to moderate swelling, and diffuse tenderness, pain gets worse with weight bearing, different types of ecchymosis and instability.


Anticoagulants medications used to prevent clotting, these are prophylactic and do not dissolve clots.Can be used on patients who are on prolonged Bedrest,CAD,A.FIIB,DVT,P.E,Valve disorders, cerebral disorders.


Action it interferes with fibrin formation therapy preventing clot formation. Only available SQ and intravenously.Most frequent usage is subQ.It is use SubQ to prevent blood clots in patients that have been in bed for a long time. It is use to prevent further clots in patients with clotting problems for example PE or DVT.Heparin solution is also used to keep central line patent. For iv onset it is very rapid 5 to 10minutes.Duration is 2 to 6hours. Half life is short 60 to 90minutes.

What is Nursing Responsibilities. Monitor PTT level closely.

Report any signs of bleeding immediately.

Refrain from any traumatizing procedure that could lead to bleeding or bruising. Monitor platelet counts for thrombocytopenia. Always calculate drip and use pump to administer IV solution. Laboratory test use to test the action is PTT or Partial thrombplastin time.Obtain PTT,PT,CBC STAT prior to heparin initiation if not done in the last 24hours.PTT is to be drawn every 6hours after heparin drip initially started. Based on PTT PTT result, follow the table guidelines in order to maintain PTT GOAL.After reviewing PTT result, order for another PTT in 6 hours later. When you have 2 consecutive PTT results are within the target range .Obtain PTT every morning. Follow doctor orders. Every hospital have protocol on heparin and I am sure it is same every where.Please ask questions and follow with your facility protocols. Heparin antidote is PROTAMINE SULFATE.

Coumadin is also anticoagulant. Its action is to inhibit blood clotting by interfering with hepatic synthesis of vitamin k.The antidote for Coumadin is VITAMIN Laboratory test to monitor the effect of Coumadin is Prothrombin time or PT.Thrombus formation is when a blood clot remains attached to a vessel wall.The attached thrombus is known as thromboembolism.

Embolism is the obstruction of a vessel by an embolus. This may consist of air bubble,dislodged thrombus, foreign substances, cancer cells, aggregate of fats,amniotic fluid.The embolus travels in the bloodstream until it reaches a cell which he cannot fit.Then it eventually lodge itself in the system or pulmonary vessels. Air Embolism. This is the most common cause of air Embolism. It enters the circulation through intravenous lines. Hypertension is the elevation of the blood pressure which may exacerbate or precipitate the atherosclerosis process by causing trauma to the arterial walls. It is also known as a condition in which the blood force against the artery wall is too high.Blood pressure of 140/90 is high and blood pressure 180/120 is severe.

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