(1)The ability of the nurse to interact holistically with the patient as a caregiver, a counselor, a teacher, advocate for the patient and family. Be proactive and a great listener.

The ability to be a team player.Know and understand his/ her job description.Understand patient bill of rights. (2)The application of skills learned in a practical setting such as physical assessment, vital signs, medications administration, maintaining patient safety, sepsis alert protocols, assisting doctors with procedures. (3)Understanding and application of nursing process,step by step using evidence based scientific method.That is from assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, evaluation and outcomes. ASSESSMENT:

This is a detailed focused of information gathering. Nursing assessment, gettingfocused information.This involves lots of critical thinking and data collection.Analyze information and make objective decisions from the information collected.Physical assessment from head to toe with specific direct questions. You are gathering information to be able to have nursing diagnosis.

DIAGNOSIS:In diagnosis you use your clinical skills and judgment to determine patient diagnosis. You have to have a problem statement. Why is the patient in the hospital.

What brought the patient to the hospital. Follow up with NANDA approved nursing diagnosis. Now that you have a problem statement what are you going to do about it.That leads you to start planning how to solve the problem. PLANNING:

You develop appropriate plan of care for your patient case study.For example a patient that came in with a septic knee will need antibiotics.IMPLEMENTATION:You have set up a plan on how to take care of your patient with septic knee.

The doctor will order antibiotics and you the nurse should make sure that the antibiotics is given on time.That is you implement the plan.If antibiotics is suddenly stops, you must follow up to find out why it was stopped.

You call pharmacy to find out why.If there is no good reasons.You can the doctor to restart the antibiotics Monitor the patient vital sign Q4hours.Does the patient have fever?.Is the fever coming down?.You will continue to monitor the patient.The nursing processs allows the interdisciplinary approach of doctors and nurses working together as a team.Nursing process also allows the nurse to function independently.

EVALUATION:Patient progress is then measured and shared across the different medical team.You evaluate what was implemented. Is the plan of care effective.Did the antibiotics work.Does the patient still have fever?.Is the patient voiding well.If patient is doing well,then the doctor will plan to discharge. Discharge teaching is on going process that starts from admission.

Patient outcomes is the care that patients receive from the nurses during hospitalization to obtain quick recovery and maintain the ability to return to basic quality life before hospitalization.

(4)Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.One of the functions of nursing is to nurture and return the patient to basic health.

(5)The nurse focuses on keeping people healthy. Promotion of programs to empower individuals and the community to be in charge of their own health, reduce risk of developing chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol which lead to comorbidities and mortality.

Eliminating health disparities and improve quality of life.Also promotion of health resources information available in the community that they live in.

(6)Nurse must be the advocate of change.

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