Continuity of care in my perspective is having the same doctor and same nurse throughout hospitalization to increase trust,minimize errors, provide adequate information on time to the clients and families. Continuity of care improves relationships between the doctors and the patients. This allows steady continuity and accurate information to patients and families allowing reasonable patients care.

Continuity of management will allow consistent delivery of healthcare. Continuity of care is a technique use to ensure that health care team have a common goal of working cooperatively to make patients care centered focus .There have to be continuous teaching during hospitalization so that patients can transition safely at home. So the nurse should teach self care skills to the patients and caregivers while in the hospital and motivate them to continue their own care at home. So many literature books stated that continuity of care will comply patients and their families to follow medical advice and take advantage of preventive measures such as immunization or cancer society. The primary care doctor should know his or her patient most current information regarding patient care.

Recently patients spent few days in the hospital and are transferred to another department within the hospital and or other acute care facilities (acute hospitals and skilled nursing facility)These healthcare institutions need to rely on rapidly proliferating community based healthcare resources. The nurses have major roles in the continuity of care and in preparation of patients and families through constant education,advocacy strategies to have control of their own care and effective early discharge planning.


Pereira Gray DJ,Sidaway- Lee K,White E,Thorne A,Evans,PH Continuity of care with doctors. A matter of life and death.

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