(1) RIGHT TO BE RESPECTED:Patient has the right to be respected and not hurt irrespective of age,race,religion, sex,marital status, socioeconomic status that includes insurance or uninsured. Patient should be adequately taken care of,his/ her needs met.For example ,” I am cold” .Patient has the right for a warm blanket.Have the rights to know what are the hospital rules that apply to him/her as a patient in the hospital. For example can my girlfriend send the night?Most of the time the answer is NO ,unless in a very “SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES.So your girlfriend or boyfriend spending the night is not your right.Patient has every right to receive the correct assessment and management of pain medication. Pain is subjective and is whatever the patient say is it.That is what it is.


Patient has the right to receive informed consent before any procedure and to know the name of the person or persons performing the procedure.Has the right to be given adequate information. Except in Emergencies situation when patient is incapacitated.

(3)RIGHT TO REFUSE TREATMENT:The patient has the right to refuse treatment to the full extent that the law permits.

(4)RIGHT FOR CONFIDENTIALITY: Information regarding diagnosis, cases,Consultation should be kept private from those not directly involved in patient care.And all recording information are also treated as confidential.

(5)RIGHT FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION:Right to get complete information regarding his care diagnosis, prognosis, treatment from his physician.If it is not medically right to give to patient.Then the information should be given to the right person on behalf of the patient.

(6) RIGHT FOR QUICK RESPONSE:The right for immediate response to patient requests.

(7) THE RIGHT TO KNOW AFFILIATIONS:The right to know the relationship between the hospital that is treating him/her with other facilities that are involved with his/ her care.

(8)RESEARCH AND HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION:The right to know if the hospital is involved in research and will not want to participate in research without his/ her consent.

(9)PAYMENT EXPLANATION:The right for explanation of bill sent for payment. For example. What is the source of this bill?.What part did insurance cover or did not cover?.

(10)CONTINUITY OF CARE:The right for a continuity of care to some degree where possible. Sometimes you want to continue with a particular doctor and things changed.Or you want a particular nurse and she called off.And the right to appeal a dissatisfied decision.

It is more than ten rights but I put some together as one since they are close.

There are other Bill of rights such Pregnant Patient’s Bill of rights, Nursing Homes Bill of rights, Indian Bill of rights and Veterans Code of patient Concern.

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