How many times have I called you.

Three times take me serious.

How many times did you hear COVID19.

You arrived uninvited,unsolicited.

You showed up with anger .

I am not a hoax take me serious.

You came in with danger.

You are not invited COVID19.

I can’t even see you.

I can destroy lives take me serious.

You have divided us.

You created division among us.

I will kill anyone take me serious.

Over 250,000 people lost their lives.

This is a very painful year for many.

Vaccination of the people.

I don’t target red or blue take me serious.

This is my mom chair.

But where is mom.

This is my uncle chair.

But where is my uncle.

This is my brother music box.

But where is my brother.

I target everyone take me serious.

This is my sister room.

But where is my sister.

I have killed some prominent people take me serious.

They all changed their addresses to heaven.

Did God invited all of them.

Vaccination of the people.

Preexisting conditions or not take me serious.

Resources for vaccines distribution.

No God don’t like ugly.

The devils ( COVID19) invited them.

So many casualties announced every day.

This is war without weapons.

So many will change address take me serious.

But not for the soldiers to fight.

Because this enemy is invisible.

Checkout nurses not good take me serious.

Doctors,nurses and respiratory therapy.

Fight the invisible enemy.

COVID19 you know your portal of entry.

Checkout doctors not good take me serious.

Who is the Susceptible host.

Contact person to person.

Vaccination of the people.

Directly and Indirectly,eye, contaminated organisms ,blood, fluids, foods.

This COVID19 is in droplets, air,dust and airborne.

Resources for vaccines distribution.

Confuse about the mask.

Wear your mask.

Wear the mask well.

Don’t wear your mask.

Who do we believe.

Whatever just wear it.

Just do it.

Doctors are overwhelmed.

Nurses are overwhelmed.

It is too emotional.

I stopped wearing lipstick.

Nobody sees my lips but me.

Are we seriously talking about lipstick.

Okay sorry where are the dead.

Who is liable for all the missing persons.

Who will pay the rent or Mortgage.

Who put food on the table.

Shall we move.

Move on to do what.

Let the death bury the death.

Resources for vaccines distribution.

Pfizer are you turning on the lights.

Moderna are you turning on the lights.

Oxford also turning on the lights.

Where is my uncle 6feet under.

My dad also six feet under.

My grandmother six feet under.

My grandfather six feet under.

Should the Nursing homes be liable.

Or should the government be liable.

Vaccination of the people.

Why should some areas lack basic needs such as good hospitals.

How do we find closures to move on.

We need to find closure.

It is very difficult.

We will compensate us.

Our loss is too huge.

They had no life insurance.

Solutions must arrive very soon.

Some were lucky.

But some were unlucky.

May God console you, all of us.

Resources for vaccines distribution.

We have ran helter skelter for months.

Painful reality.

It is not us versus them.

COVID19 don’t know us versus them.

But COVID19 knows a susceptible host.

It has incubation period 2 to 14days like other bacteria infection and viruses.

Incubation period.

Prodromal period.

Full sickness period.

Convalescent period.

Immune system please go to work.

You start and go to work.

We need government support.

We need payroll support.

Federal where are you.

We are losing unemployment benefits

How do we bounce back.

How do we bounce back quickly.

COVID19 you must go.

Pack up and go.

Vaccines are coming out soon.

Bring back my parents.

Can the dead receive vaccine.

My parents just went to heaven.

What about distribution challenges.

Need all resources to distribute the vaccines.

People, Places, the routes.

We all need to bounce back.

Distribution, distribution of vaccines.

Any challenges take me serious

Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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