CODES are Color coded. Each code has different color per hospital most are similar for example code RED is the same wherever you go in USA hospitals.It’s important to note that different code represents different meaning.Code must be specific and vividly descriptive. For example you have code blue( cardiac arrest)You will specify where ,location of the code,code blue tower 6 room 6006 close to the elevator 96.The reason is that you want the health care professionals (ICU team and the doctors to know the EXACT LOCATION)to be there on time without delays. The Hospital Emergency codes are coded messages that each hospital is use to announce over a public address system of the hospital to alert the staff of Emergency situation that is going on.

RRT = Rapid Response Team.

CODE BLUE = Cardiac arrest. Adult Medical emergency f.

CODE WHITE =Medical Emergency for pediatric

CODE HEART ALERT =Patient is having

Heart attack.

CODE STROKE = Stroke alert.

CODE PINK = Infant abduction.

CODE YELLOW = Bomb threat.

CODE GREY= Combative person.

CODE TRIAGE = Disaster.

CODE PURPLE = Child Abduction.

COD SEPSIS ALERT= We have a septic patient that we should be worried about.

CODE GREEN = The Emergency room is full.

CODE ORANGE =Hazardous materials Alert.

CODE SILVER = Shelter alert. A person with weapon is shooting.

And there are also CODE TRIAGE INTERNAL ALERT. (Alert staff for internal disaster)EXTERNAL ALERT( Alert staff for external disaster)


What do you understand by hospital Emergency codes?.

What is the color coded of the Emergency codes in your hospital?.

Do you think that codes are useful?.

What is level

There are also the Trauma alert system. That alert the staff when there is Tier 1 trauma, Tier 2 trauma, Tier 3 trauma. Every facility also has different trauma codes.

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