How can we make sure that patient is admitted to the right service?.

(1)Every Unit/Floor/ Services have a criteria that will define the type of care that will be appropriate for that patient/patients. For example individual came in with chest pain and his or her troponin test is high. He or she will not need Medical Surgical floor. He or she will be on a MedTelemetry unit so that they can monitor his or her heart.The patient will be on monitor. If an individual is 37weeks pregnant she will be admitted in labor and delivery floor, not on medical surgical floor.

(2)Each person are screened at the Emergency room, Ambulatory Service or nursing unit. The screening includes laboratory tests, physical assessment, injuries and pain levels.

(3)Needs and Availability of services: The decision for the patient to be admitted to that unit will be based on patient conditions and needs and hospital ability to satisfy those needs.If the hospital does not have the provision of what patient needs. That patient will be transferred to hospital that can take care of the patient needs. For example a patient came in with kidney stones and the hospital cannot break the stones and patient couldn’t pass the stones.Patient will be transferred to the hospital where his or her needs will be met.

(4)The hospitals will share information with other providers that will take care for the patient the reason of the transfer.The summary of the care given to the patient provided to the new facility. The patient physical and psychological condition,so that the patient is placed on the right unit and properly taken care of.

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