Question and answer (Nursing)

During shift change at 07am while the nurses were giving reports. (The outgoing nurse will give report to incoming nurse)The patient in room 2011609 is scheduled for cardiac stress test at 12noon.He asked the nursing assistant if he can get breakfast before NPO since he is very hungry. The Nursing assistant notified the Registered nurse.

Which of the following should the nurse do?.

(A) Provide creamy wheat, bread and fried chicken.

(B) Coffee, cereal, and omelets.

(C) Patient is NPO for cardiac test period.

(D) Provide patient with light meal of cereal, milk and juice.

Correct answer D.

Rationale:Patient should be NPO 2 to 3 hours before procedure. A,B,C are all wrong. Patient doesn’t need a heavy meal before cardiac stress test.Coffee has caffeine and that can cause sympathetic nervous stimulation thereby increasing heart rate and blood pressure.

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