What is Pneumonia?.

It is infection that inflames air sac in one or both lungs, which may be filled with fluid or pus.It can be life threatening to anyone. But especially in older adults, infants, young children and people over 65years old. Follow the CDC guidelines.


The most common causes of pneumonia are bacteria, viruses and fungi. The bacteria called Streptococcus pneumoniae is the most common form of pneumonia. (The pneumococcal pneumonia) Do you know that pneumonia can cause infection in the brain and blood?.


Symptoms are

cough with phlegm

or pus,



difficulty or trouble breathing.

How does it spread?.

By airborne, respiratory droplets. (Cough or Sneezes)Flu vaccine should be received every year. But the Pneumonia vaccine should be received every five years. Please follow your doctor orders. Even if you already had Pneumonia, you can still receive pneumonia vaccine.

The CDC recommends that every adults 65years and older to get Pneumonia vaccine.

Find out what CDC recommends for children under 2years old and people with chronic health conditions or those with weak immune system. There are many strains of pneumonia.

Talk to your healthcare provider about pneumonia vaccine. Pneumonia vaccine is not only for 65years old and older.People 65years old and older are more likely to get pneumococcal pneumonia.

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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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