Questions and answers on simple things about Medication administration.

Patient got two different drugs for different reasons but drug X interferes with the excretion of drug Y.So what will be the effect of drug Y?.

A.What do you mean,effect is effect.

B. Increased.

C. Decreased.

D.Triple double.

Correct answer B.

Rationale: Increased because of the effects of X on Y.

2. Where does major drug biotransformation occur ?.


B. Kidney.

C. Stomach.

D. Liver.

Correct answer D.

Rationale: The metabolism of a drug in the body is known as biotransformation. And that process takes place in the liver.

3. When doctor’s orders is written to be given as needed means?.

A.Stat order.

B.Single order.

C. Standing orders.

D.Prn orders.

Correct answer D.

Rationale: It is not a standing order it is as needed, when the patient calls for it, if it is time patient can receive it.Prn doesn’t mean that you just hand it over like candy.You must follow doctor orders. For example norco 10/325mg po Q4hours prn pain. You cannot ignore the Q4hours and just give it without reaching the time that the doctor ordered.

4.Signs of the effectiveness of medication will be based on what?.

A. Generic drugs.

B. Drug interactions.

C. Upward effect.

D. Action and use.

Correct answer D.

Rationale: Action and use of the medication. Is it effective for the purpose of why it is ordered.

5.The purpose of drug classification is to aid in understanding?.

A.The trade name.

B. The generic drugs.

C. Drugs idiosyncrasy.

D. Use of the drug.

Correct answer D.

Rationale: Classification is for the use of drugs. Drug has one generic name and multiple trade name.

6.Drug toxicity is more likely to occur when?.

A.The drug is moving freely in blood circulation.

B.When the elimination of the drug is rapid.

C.It does not dissolve in the lipid layer of the cells.

D.It bound to the plasma, albumin and


Correct answer A.

Rationale:Drug toxicity is when it can move free in your blood.For example picture this if a thief is uninterrupted, he will steal more stuff and do more damage because he is free and can move around easily, versus when the thief is forced to run out of the house rapidly.

7.The Responsibilities of a medication Nurse in the hospital include.

A.Patient teaching.

B.Preparing solutions.

C. Prescription of medication.

D.Regulating automatic the expiration of the drug.

Correct answer A

Rationale: Patient teaching. You teach the patient to get compliance in patient taking medications. Patient teaching, evaluation of understanding, demonstration and return demonstration. Reinforcement might be necessary sometimes.

8.Most oral drugs are absorbed in?.

A.Large intestine.

B.Small intestine.


D.Stomach .

Correct answer B.

Rationale: Most drug are absorbed in the small intestine, not the stomach, mouth or large intestine.

9.What is the main reason (the primary reason)of enteric- coating?.

A. Make the drug appetizing.

B. Colorful.

C.Easy to swallow.

D. Delay absorption.

Correct answer D.

Rationale: It is to prevent the undesirable peak level that will jeopardize therapeutic effects of the medication. So delay absorption.

10.When the nurse is preparing for medication administration. The nurse should?.

A.wash hands and wear gloves.


C.Wash hands,no gloves.

D.B and C.

Correct answer A.

Rationale: A is the correct answer. Before COVID19, you don’t need gowns when administering medication unless the nurse uniform will be contaminated.And you do not need masks unless patient is placed on Strict respiratory isolation. With COVID19 the nurse should follow the new COVID19 protocol,the hospital policy and procedures.

Which medication is enteric-coating?.

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