Coronavirus is a virus that started in December of 2019 in WUHAN province of China but before we knew it spread like wildfire and became COVID19 PANDEMIC. Because it spread throughout the world bringing with it,its aftermath. Initially we are not sure what it is but before we know it, it started to massacre and take the lives of so many people. So COVID19 PANDEMIC brought in a different types of homeless people. These are people of middle class and above ,were dragged from their comfort zones to the floor. These people lost their jobs, some of them became sick from COVID19. These people were laid off dive into their savings to survive. But quickly ran out of money. And there were also low income people that lost their jobs.Some of them have no savings and quickly become homeless.


Forced to move out of their house because it is not conducive.

Divorce: Husband is the breadwinner unconducive environment, physical, psychological and mental abuse

Eviction due lack of mortgage payments. Some landlords gave three months but couldn’t take it anymore.

No rent payment lead to eviction.

Unintentional Homelessness. It is not your fault. You did everything humanly possible but couldn’t get another job.

Depression due to loss of job.Became unable to function.

Illnesses from COVID19. Have recovered from COVID19 infections but can’t return to work due to lung disease or difficulty with ambulation.

Waiting in line for food:This is shocking to so many people who never believe that it can happen to them.Did COVID19 PANDEMIC came to teach us a lesson?.These people got lots of sympathy because they were laid off due to virus that destroyed so many lives.

So if you are sleeping at the corner of the street you are homeless. If your are an adult and do not have a place of your own you are homeless.Your place of residence is not comfortable you are homeless.

The Big Difference between the current situation is that it is seen as temporary because people will soon get back on their feet.

So the new homeless group are not stigmatized like the homeless people before COVID19 as clueless, senseless,headless,reckless.

Homeless. @ Ev


1.Poverty,limited income.

2.Education: lack of adequate education hinders advancement.

3.Hate with Infinite intensity. Unnecessary intentional ,imprisonment and the killing of black men. Previously it was hidden but now it is as clear as the air that we breathe.

4.Lack of Social support. Lack of medical care in minority neighborhoods. No good hospitals, clinics and ill-educated staff and lack of hospital equipments.

5.Mental illness/Physical illness, diseased, sick.

6.Stubbornness:Unwillingness to make changes even when there is no progress. Setting unrealistic goals.

7.Bacteria or Virus Pandemic.

8.Domestic terrorism: Propagate false agenda to intimidate people and to control people.

9.External Terrorism.

10. Environmental factors such as tornadoes, air pollution and water pollution.

Unemployment Unsplash.com.Nick Fewings


Anything that did not kill you,is suppose to make you stronger.

Don’t go through a system without letting the system to go through you.That is how you learn.

If you don’t like what you are doing change it.

Be kind to another human being because it could be you.

Do not let your habit control you. For example drug should not stop you from doing the right thing.

Do not be fooled by sex.Male private part is uneducated and so is the female private part.So they should not make decisions for you.A good man can wait for you, so is a good woman.

Don’t let alcohol abuse or cigarettes smoking control your life.

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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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