1.The first action will be to gather equipment such as medication kardex or review the medications in the Meditech ,medication Cart or tray,medication cups,water,ice water,applesauce,

pill crusher and straws.

2.Check doctor orders very well to make sure that there is no inconsistency.You want to check for allergies reaction. Does the patient have allergy to medications.Understand the eight rights of medication administration. Right patient, right medication, right dose, right route, right time, right documentation, right reason, right response.

3. Assess patient to see if she understands the purpose of the medication. If patient does not. Explain to the patient the reason why he/she is getting the medication. Use two patient identifiers patient and the barcode. Patient room MUST NOT be used.

4.Educate patient on the medication administration .Educating the patient about the medication and its regimen should be an ongoing process.

5.Prepare the medication to be administered as ordered. Follow the hospital policy and procedures on medication administration. Check the label. If you are giving oral medication ,after scanning open it and put it in the medicine cup.Oral medications are absorbed in the stomach and small intestine. Oral medications are more common.


It is safe. Oral medications has a slower onset, less potent and takes a long time for absorption. Patient should be alert, sitting in upright position to aid with swallowing.

Oral medications are convenient and comfortable for the patient and the nurse. If patient have difficulty to swallow then medication should not be given.Notify the doctor. Patient might need swallow evaluation or liquid medication might be helpful. Philomena N Okeke MEDICATION and Pills Crusher.

If it is intramuscular, identify the site, use aseptic techniques with needles and syringes. Usually 3ml syringe is used and the needle size depends on the patient. Please Note that Tuberculin syringes and insulin syringes are for a different injection. .Proper techniques will minimize discomfort .

Unsplash.CDC @cdc Giving injection.

6.Documentation of medication given.If you scan medication make sure that it is filed that you gave it otherwise it will seem like it was not given .

7 . Monitor the patient reaction and evaluate how the patient is responding to medications given.

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