1. Which agency developed the minimum guidelines for standard protection for infection prevention and control.

A. Center for disease control.

B.Los Angeles County hospital.


D. The New York government.

Correct answer A.

Rationale:C D C established the initial minimum requirements for infection prevention and control before OSHA started monitoring regulations for universal precautions in situation where body fluids and blood infection is possible.B and D are wrong.

2. How long will nurse Jennifer wash her hands?.


B. 3minutes.

C. 20seconds.

D. 30 Seconds.

Correct answer C.

Rationale: 20seconds is the recommendation by CDC.

3.According to CDC, the risk of transmission through———-is extremely low from?.

A.Vaginal secretion.

B. Pleural fluid.

C. Blood.


Correct answer D.

Rationale:Saliva will protect you against your partner’s mouth. Unless from MRSA or a partner with mouth sore then you can develop herpes.

4.A patient becomes sick after eating Cesar salad.The means of transmitting infecting organism is?.

A.Direct contact.

B.Food poisoning.


D. Man made.

Correct answer C.

Rationale:The contaminated food is the vehicle of the transmission of the infection.

5.Jennifer when leaving the Isolation room. She will remove her PPE in the following orders.

A.Gloves,mask and gown.

B.Remove at the nursing station.

C.mask,gown,and gloves.

D.Mask gloves and gown.

Correct answer A.

Rationale:Gloves should always be removed first because they are likely to be contaminated, should not touch the face or hair.

6.The nurse with a gel long nail, when taking care of a bedridden patient. Should realize that?.

A. You don’t have to change gloves.

B.Long nails will compromise the safety of the gloves.

C.Frequent hand washing is not good for her.

D.She does not need gloves.

Correct answer B.

Rationale:Long nails will cause the gloves to tear.Which will give room to contamination of the nurse hands and nails.

7.Patient is discharged to go home.The nurse teaches the patient at home to use clean techniques when changing her dressing .This is because?.

A.It is safe for the home setting.

B.The nurse is a home health care provider.

C.Terrible nurse .


Correct answer A.

Rationale:Because the home environment is better controlled. The is appropriate setting for the home. She is not a home health care provider, terrible or incompetent.

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