Lack of love for others is not hatred simply not lovable. It is difficult to find out who is unlovable.When you see someone that never take responsibility for their actions. For example I would have been nice if he was good to me.I did it because she is not that friendly. They blame others instead of themselves. They think that they are right whereas they are not. Noncaring attitude, lack of compassion. Don’t look at me ,look around you because they are in all corners, and in all profession. Do your best and don’t judge. Let judge Judy do that.

Here are few examples.

1.You have healthcare professionals that lack empathy .They do their job and walk away. They don’t care about anything else.Check out patient bedside table, it is untidy. That is not good the sick patient cannot clean their table. And there are patients that don’t care and will drain the nurse . These patients will get upset if the nurse takes the 30minutes break even though you told them before going for your break. What ?. How dare you!.They are not able to love another person.How can you love me if you don’t you. Not possible.

2.Unlovable people:There people that are naturally not loving. They don’t understand love and they are very unappreciative when you show them love. They are very demanding and will do less in return for you. TLC is not in their vocabulary. You know that in Nursing we do lots of TLC that is tender loving care. It works like a charm.Show the patients that you are different and you care. If you have an insatiable patient, don’t worry take good care of him or her .It is only for eight hours or twelve. If you do a good job, he or she is comparing you with other nurses. I have had patients that requested for me and patient that refused me.But later call to request for you or to apologize.”They often do that when they meet their match.They may not know your name but they know how you make them feel”.- Maya Angelou.

3.Are You Ready Husband?.He wakes you up at the middle of the night and ask you if you’re ready?.Ready for what?. Wrestling?.There is no compassion .After twelve hours shift?. Recognize and identify that relationship early and love yourself. Takes his wife for granted even though you stood by him for years, he did not see you. You are a maid,full time employee, full time mother, standing by him like kilimanjaro mountain. He doesn’t understand. Are you ready?.Lack of communication, will communicate less frequently.No I am not ready.

4.Conditional Relationship: He is happy whenever you please him but never thought about you as a human being. If you over work yourself, he will remarry in six months to one year. They are highly depressed, not assertive and gossips a lot behind the scene. Gives up early and made up his or her mind.It is a blame game.They continue to move away with stupid excuses in their lip.

5.Blame Games: I would have been nice if she is following instructions. I am the king and you are nobody. It’s always me,me,what about me?. They know everything and will stuck in their outdated ways of life.Is either this or the highway.

6.Lovely Father: A father once told his children that, to love one another is very important. Love your neighbor as yourself. Do not be narrow minded. Be in your driving lane because your destination is totally different from my destination.

7.Make mockery of difficult Situation. They want to insult you when you’re down rather than uplifting. Example oh you are unemployed but my sister has two jobs and you have none. Lack of understanding of others physical and mental conditions.

8.No gifts: He doesn’t know how to give gift.When reminded, the response was “I never have and I never will.Or he keeps quiet. Don’t worry, gift yourself. Are they stingy to you or to themselves. I remembered several years ago, we had gifts exchange of not less than $20.00 each at our nurses end of the year party.One of the senior nurses brought a 99.00cent cup as her gift. The other nurse brought a coffee maker of over $35.00.Unfortunate she has to exchange with the nurse with 99.00 cent cup for the coffee maker .Some other nurses were so upset with her.They went to her and said your gift is so cheesy. One of them came to me and told me not to accept the cup.While they were upset, I was happy that I have learned a new English word “CHEESY”.I told them that it is okay and that I love the cup.This was twenty three years ago.

Question.What are your experiences with people that are not compassionate ?.

Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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