GIVING GRATITUDE TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS.(Elementary,High School,College Professors @ USC . )

It takes a village to raise a child. It surely does because parents and grandparents then the community which include the elementary school, high school and the university. For me it took more than one village to raise me.Anyway that is another subject matter. Right now my focus is on giving gratitude to all those that made my journey possible. So to all of my parents, teachers, and professors thank you very much. So thank you for the nutrition, the warmth, the bonding, the curdled, doctors visits.The physical, emotional and all the supports.

Birth: I was a full term baby ,delivered after 39weeks ,weighed 5lbs 9oz.It was normal delivery I was told.I was born the day that my age mates were born.It was in a small hospital were delivery was done mainly by midwives. Took me home, I was always sick even with good nutrients. I was nicknamed Ogbanje.In yoruba they call it Abiku.

Nutrition: I was fed every two hours with breast milk and bottled milk alternatively and water.So I thank you.I was curdled, kept warm and my diapers changed. I wish I was able to show my gratitude to my parents when they were alive.I was also taken to the hospital for ear infection Argument liquid ordered and given to me.

Baby starts to walk around lots of support given. My princess is walking around, walk, walk. Remember every child is the parents prince or princess.

Elementary School Teachers: One of my elementary school teacher stood out. He was very good .He flogged me like crazy. If he was in USA he would have been sued for child abuse. But in underdeveloped countries they are held as heroes.He challenged me with mathematics and really helped me in learning mathematics. So when I came to USA I had A in Statistics and A in Algebra mathematics. I thank you late teacher Azor.

Secondary School Teachers: I send my gratitude to all of you.With good foundation in elementary school, secondary school was not bad.I remembered my literature teacher,he was wonderful. He taught me how to finish a novel in two days no matter the size of the novel. When we are going to start a new novel. He starts the song that went like this cridim,cridim,cridim.I didn’t know the meaning of that.

But that really got me tuned in. I remembered that I read ” BEYOND PARDON ” by Bertha M. Clay (391 pages)in two days. It was in the olden days when civilization slapped us on the face.

University of Southern California here I come.

USC Education:I am very grateful to all my professors at the university of Southern California thank you.Their program was wonderful, I learnt so much.

Clinical rotations:Most of our clinical rotations were done in reputable hospitals and clinics such Cedars Sinai hospital, Good Samaritan hospital to mention but a few. It was the best program in those days in the 90s.It was very hectic but really worth every bit of it. I love the dissection, we hard to dissect a cat for the practicum in the community college. It was so perfect.Buy you book on dissection and practice before your class and know every part of it because you will be tested. The practical was great. Thank you again and again.

Research: We did some research studies. It was not intensive but it surely took us to the right direction.

Also I am grateful to my Psychiatric professor.She was the best,very caring and compassionate.

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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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