A burn can be simply described as the destruction of the tissue from excessive exposure to flame, chemical, radioactive agent, electricity, or thermal.That is when an area of the body suck up so much heat that it force the skin to dispel. The dermis and epidermis can be destroyed.

What causes burn?.

A burn is usually caused by fire.It can also be caused by hot solids,hot liquids, electricity, or radiation. Burns are classified as first degree burns, second degree burns, third degree burns and fourth degree. The fourth degree is life- threatening and the most severe and deepest burns.But in Medical profession burns are categorized as full thickness and partial thickness. An average exposure of burn of 130degree in three seconds can result in third degree burns. The electrical burns are difficult to define because they causes damage beneath the skin (that is internal injuries).

Other types of burns are friction burns,cold burns etc.

Minor burns can be treated at home but other severe burns that causes damage to the skin should be treated in hospitals in burn unit. Each facility have burn unit. They understand burns and stabilize the patients before transferring to regular floor.

First Degree burns are superficial. This include mild sunburn. It is painful and the skin color changes to pink depending on skin tone. In this case scenario only part of the dermis is destroyed. No possibility of scaring.

Second Degree burns also known as partial thickness,most of the time moist blisters will develop. Skin surface will turn from pink to red.The cause is usually from hot liquids, solids, chemicals or flames.

Third degree burns or full thickness burns can result from electricity, hot flames, chemicals,hot liquids or solid.They required skingrafting.There is no pain because the nerves endings are dead.Skin surface is dry and leathery.

Fourth degree burns will destroy all the layers of your skin.This is life threatening ,most layers of the skin,joints and bone may be affected.

Burns can lead to so many complications which include infection, joint problems, difficulty with recovery, bone problems. Sterile dressing change and keeping the skin clean is very important. Review burns in details.


1.How many types of burns?.

A.Only one type.

B.Burn is a burn.

C. Three types of burns.

D.There are four types of burns.

Correct answer D.

2.Mr Lopez came to the hospital after he sustains burns. He develop a blister, what category of burns is that?.

A.Second degree burns.

B.First Degree burns.

C.Third degree burns.

D.Fourth Degree burns.

Correct answer A.

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