1.Explain to the patient what you are going to do.(Explain procedure to patient)

2.Gather all the supplies that you will need. Condom sheath based on the size of penis, warm water, soap, washcloths,bath blanket, towels,urinary drainage bag or leg bag and gloves.

3.Wash your hands with soap and water. Dry your hands.

4.Provide privacy.( Remember the HIPAA protocol)

5.Place patient in a supine position and expose only the genital area. Apply the bath sheet and the towel around the area.

6.Put on your disposable gloves. Thoroughly wash the genital area with soap and water. Then dry completely keeping the genital area fresh and clean.

7.Bring the condom sheath out and roll it outward to itself.

8.Using the nondorminant hand hold the penis firmly. And with your dominant hand apply the condom to the penis.( For me my nondorminant hand is my left hand and my dominant hand is my right hand)I use my right hand a lot. At the tip of the penis leave about two inches space. The space will give the penis room to breathe, prevent irritation and also allow the free flow of urine.

9.After you have finished condom sheath placement, apply plastic snug to the end to keep the condom in place. “The plastic will secure the condom but will NOT interfere with blood “CIRCULATION”. There is also applicator or spray use to hold the condom in place in case.)Follow your facility policy and procedures.

10. Now connect the condom to the urinary bag, so that the patient urine will flow into the bag.This will keep your patient clean and dry. Make sure that there is no kinking otherwise urine will flow backward. Follow the instructions.

11.Place your patient in a comfortable position. Clean up the area and remove all the supplies. Wash your hands.

12.Secure tube to upper thigh with a tape not tightly.

13.Hang the drainage bag to the side rails, It should be lower than the bladder to allow smooth flow of urine.

14.Record patient response to procedure.Is the urine flowing into the bag,what is the color, consistency and appearance. Document your findings.

Collect urine specimen and send to the laboratory if ordered.

*Purpose of condom catheter placement on your patient?.*

  1. Patient is incontinent. And you want your patient to be clean and dry.
  2. For specimen collection. The doctor orders urine culture. And accurate documentation of output.
  3. To prevent infection of the wound for patient with bedsores.
  4. Save frequent changes of bed linen.
  5. Provide comfort for your patient.
  6. Nursing judgment.

NB: “Condoms are in various sizes small,medium, large and exlarge.Please don’t get a small condom and blame patient that his penis is too big or get a large condom,and blame patient that his penis is too small .Assess patient before you start”.

Good job.

Below is purwick. It is the female condom catheter. Instead of connection to drainage bag ,you will connect to wall suction with the female condom.It will keep the female incontinent patients clean and dry.It should be changed every twelve hours. Follow your facility policy and procedures.

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