As soon as you open the insulin bottle put a date on it.For example you found a wife ,put a ring on her. Keep her for life. But the insulin bottle must be discarded after twenty eight days.


REFRIGERATE: Temperature below 86°F(30°C)

Generic name is Insulin Lispro.

Brand name is Humalog.

What is this used for?.

High Blood sugar.Diabetic patients use it,if their blood sugar level is high.Humalog will release a hormone known as insulin into your body to force glucose (sugar) sitting in your blood to go into the cells .This will lower your blood sugar.

What is the route?.That is how do you give this?. By injection. SubQ.

Make sure that there are foods or snacks looking at you before taking injection.

Why ?. Because this is fast acting. (Rapid-acting) About 15minutes.

What are the common side effects.

  1. Shaking.
  2. Low blood sugar.
  3. Dizziness.
  4. Headache.
  5. Sweating.
  6. Hunger.
  7. Confusion.
  8. Weakness.
  9. Some patients will go into diabetic comas. It can be very scary.

They are sold in pharmaceutical stores and In hospitals, the doctor orders it and the nurse will educate the patient and give the patient.

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