Performance improvement is the continuous systemic study and adaptation of a process in which nurses are encouraged to work together as a team to improve how we provide care to our patients to ensure a desired outcome.

What Model is your facility using?. That is what PI project have you adapted in your unit

Your hospital might use:(model)










No matter what model your hospital uses.The object is the same.Quality Assurance.

Here are some of the Core Measures that my facility are working on.

Prevention of Hospital Acquired Pressure ulcer.

Cardiac care -Starting treatment of patient with heart failure from Emergency department,to Inpatient admission,discharge and after discharge.

Fall Prevention and Reduction.

Prevention of Hospital Acquired Foley Catheter related UTIs.

Prevention of C-Difficle Transmission.

This facility step above and beyond boundaries to take responsibility for the organization success. Maintaining highest quality as our priority while we care about our customers like family. Adapting quickly to address the concerns of our customers and staff. The common goal for performance improvement with evidence based practice.


What performance improvement is your unit working on?.

a. Explain and clarify.

b. What is your facility model?.

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