(1)Can airborne Isolation patient be placed in any room?.

A. Yes place patient in any room.

B.Pair patient with other patients.

C.Why not they can as long as they are breathing.

D.No only the Negative pressure room can be used for airborne Isolation patients.

Correct answer is D.Airborne Isolation patients must be placed in a negative pressure room.

(2). What diseases or viruses can be spread by airborne pathogens?.Circle all that apply. A.COVID19.


C.HIV and Hepatitis B.



3.What is the meaning of adult Code Blue?.

A.Code blue means Arrhythmia, heart attack, respiratory failure or stroke.




Correct answer is A.

(4)How can you protect yourself and others from airborne diseases?.

A.Take temperature of everyone entering the hospital.

B.Isolate everyone coming to the hospital. C.Understand and know the signs and symptoms of airborne Isolation such as Tuberculosis and Isolate patient immediately. Correct answer is C.

(5)When can healthcare professionals wear the N-95mask?.

Answer:When they are taking care of patients in airborne Isolation such as TB and rule out TB.

(6) What do you do first if you hear alarms from Isolation room monitor?.

A.Do nothing it will stop. It cries like a baby.

B.Call your manager or the safety officer. C.Just keep the door open.

D.Shut the door if it is open and push the silence horn button to stop the alarm.

Correct answer D.

7 What sign is the for airborne Isolation in your establishment?.

Answer: Every facility is different. Some hospital uses the dark blue sign and others use different colors such as Red stop sign or Yellow. Follow your facility policy and procedures. And use your hospital signs.

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