THINGS DONE IN 12HOURS AS A CHARGE NURSE.TYPICAL CHARGE NURSE DAY.(Just decided to document one 12hour shift as charge nurse)

0645 TO 0715 :As in coming charge nurse did rounds with outgoing night shift charge nurse.

0730 to 0830check crash carts.Secured unlocked crash cart after rapid response has just ended.Call pharmacy for replacement medications and crash cart key.Rushed down to Pharmacy pick up medications and keys.Relief nursing assistant to check vital signs.

0830 to 0855: Write nurses names on the white board.(Because some nurses will never write their name on the white board.)And listen to patient complaint and take care of their immediate needs.

0855 0925am : Relief sitter for break Fast .Answer call lights,phone calls,assist with dressing change.

0930am to 10am:Discharge meetings with the nursing supervisors and the Chief Nursing officer.

1005: Relief the clerk for bathroom break.

1010am to 11am:Assist with bed making (in rooms 30003,3000012,3000022 )

1105 to 1135am:Relief sitter for her to take patient to interventional radiology for chest tube placement .(room 3000020)

1130 to 1145am :Accuchecks for 12patients.

1150am to 1245am :Made rounds and assisted Nurses and patients(For example change iv fluids,tube feedings.

1250 to 1315; Hypoglycemic went for lunch break.

1315pm: Relief unit clerk for her lunch break.

1350pm: Relief sitter for her lunch break.

1400 to 1500pm: Charge nurse paperwork.Called nursing office at ex 50000 and admission nurse to remind her that our census is low and we need patients.Discuss staffing with Nursing Supervisor.

1500 to 1600 :Took reports for four patients(Rooms 3000010,3000017,3000014) Called central process for iv pumps.

1630pm to 1715pm: Admitted room 3000017 since the nurse is very busy.0.9NS at 100ml/hour hanged,ivpb zosyn 3.375gm infused.Completed the admission process ,the five nursing process-data collection,physical assessment,care plan,intervention, evaluation of what I did.Fall questionaire,sucidal risk,advanced directives done.

1730pm : Go to room 300020 to check CHEST TUBE.

1735pm: Called Jeruann the nursing supervisor about staffing She promised to call back but never did because she was very busy.

1800 :Called Jeruann again about staffing and reviewed LVN medications outcome for rooms 3000012,3000017,3000021,3000022,30000010

1830pm:Received admission of room 3000010 database completed.

1845pm:Called Jeruann again and she requested for 1 RN to float to emergemcy room.

1850pm:Started to give report to incoming charge nurse.Jeruann called and insited that another 1 RN must float to emergency room,and 1 CNA to float to Pediatric.She said that she forgot in the beginning to let me know.

1925pm :Completed report with the charge nurse for night shift.

1925pm to 1940pm: Gave report to Lilian about room300017 and report to Julie on room 3000010

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