1.The average risk of contracting HIV from an HIV-contaminated needle stick according Center for disease control is?



C. 26% .

D. 0.3%.

Health care professionals who come in contact with blood and body fluids are at risk for contracting what?.

A.HIV,Hepatitis B,Hepatitis C.


C.Fever and chills.

D.Dementia and gonorrhea.

3.During restraint patient rights dignity and well being should be protected that includes explanation of the restraint to patient and families.

A.True. B.False.

4.Patient in restraint should be assessed for?.

A.Nutritional status, pain,medication history and mental status.

B.The patient is stubborn and does not deserve it.

C.They will sleep.

D.All of the above.

5.In the hospitals who makes arrangement for STAT HIV testing on the patient after a healthcare worker has been exposed?.

A.The manager.

B.The unit secretary.

C.The primary care physician.

D.The infected nurse.

E.The employee Health Nurse and Nursing House supervisor for after hours.


1 D.





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