Which of the following congenital heart defects is classified as cyanosis?.

A Aorta stenosis.

Pulmonary stenosis.

C Tetralogy of fallot.

D All of the above.

Correct answer C.

Rationale: Tetralogy of fallot is classified as cyanosis disorder. A and B are classified are classified as acyanotic .

Which of the following actions will reduce the cardiac demands and decrease cardiac workload?.

(A) Gather nursing care to provide for periods of uninterrupted rest.

(B) Allow the infant to have his way.

(C ) Feed the infant all the time.

(D) Plan and develop consistent nursing plan of care.

Correct answer A.

Rationale: Organization of uninterrupted periods of sleep will reduce cardiac demands. NB: The most important thing here is the uninterrupted rest,which will help to reduce cardiac demands.

Pulmonary stenosis involves?.

(A)Pulmonary venous blood return to the heart without entering the atrium.

(B)The obstruction of blood flow from the left ventricle.

( C) The obstruction of the blood flow from the right ventricle.

(D) A single blood vessel developed from both ventricle.

Correct answer: C.

Pulmonic stenosis refers to an obstruction of blood flow from the right ventricle. A,B,D are incorrect.

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