Plasma in a nutshell is the liquid part of blood. It has 55% of blood, while 45% is red,white cells and the platelets.Plasma itself is 92% water,7% gamma globulin, antihemphilic factor, albumin, protein and 1% is mineral salts,sugars,vitamins,hormone and fats.


The vital functions of plasma are:

(1)It maintain the blood pressure and volume.

(2)Support cells functions, and help maintain proper PH balance in the body.

(3)It drives electrolytes such as potassium and sodium to the muscles.

(4)It supplies critical protein for blood clotting and maintains immunity.

Blood types Volume Rate

Red blood cells 320ml – 350ml infuse in 2hours to 4hours.

Plasma 250ml is to infuse in 30 to 60minutes.

Cryoprecipitate 90 to 120ml is to infuse in 15 to 30minutes.

Platelet 250ml to 350ml is to infuse in 60minutes


The nurse explains that blood plasma will help my patient with coagulation problem.

(A)True (B) False.

Correct answer A.

Plasma can be infused in how many hours?

( A)It can be infused in 2 to 4hours.

(B) Infused in 15 to 30minutes.

(C) It can be infused in 3hours.

(D)It can be infused in 30 to 60minutes.

Correct answer D.

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