The Orthopedic surgeon will operate on the patient due to injury or illness .He performs a surgical intervention on the right hip known as open reduction internal fixator.(ORIF)The doctor orders physical therapist for evaluation and treatment.

The physical therapist role is to restore function, prevent disability or further disability in the mobility of patient after surgery or illness. So the physical therapist will use various techniques to treat patients which include exercise, icepacks,heat .They are trained to use psychological strategies to encourage and motivate patients. Physical therapist are well knowledgeable and educated.

That is the physical therapy will help the patient with activities to help you return to normal or close to normal. The Physical Therapist will evaluate symptoms and conditions such as pain level and what you are capable of doing. The physical therapist with safety first will start off by talking to you (patient and family)and explain to you what he/ she will do to slowly help patient with the recovery process.

The Physical Therapist start with :

Introduction of self and explain his role.( Physical therapist – patient relationship)(1)Assess for pain,if patient is in pain he will notify the nurse to medicate patient.

(2)Assess for paralysis or disability.

(3)Strengthening exercises that are therapeutic.

(4)Teach patient some balancing techniques.

(5) Mobility training one day at a time to help patient get stronger.

(6) Assessment of home for safety and fall prevention.For example what kind of home?. Are there steps?. single story home?.

(7)Is patient ready to go home or there is need for nursing home. (Skilled Nursing Facility)(8)Recommendations for the doctor to follow with regards to patient discharge.

Nurses Responsibilities:

(1) Make sure that patient is ready for physical therapy.

(2)Medicate patient with pain medications 30minutes before physical therapist.

(3)Answer any question that patient might need and provide support.

(4) Let the physical therapist know if patient blood level (Hemoglobin )too low to ambulate.

(5)Provide adequate nutrients to the patient.If a patient is not eating enough notify the doctor and order dietary consult.

(6)Provide tender loving care to your patients. Effective communication between the doctors, physical therapists, nurses,and all interdisciplinary care,the patients and families will ensure measurable goals.

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