Erikson: Psychological development. Erikson sees the psychosocial crisis faced by infant(Birth to one year)as TRUST versus MISTRUST. The infant most important person is the matenal person(mother). Their psychological theme is “to get and in return give”.They develop a sense of TRUST to their immediate caregivers and the environment which is the central focus for the infant .And determines the trust foundation for all future psychosocial tasks. Having said that, the quality of the caregiver relationship with the infant is very important for the to develop and maintaining the trust. Infant needs must be met on time without delays. If infant’s needs are met.The infant will see life as predictable and that his or her needs are met promptly. This will foster trust in the relationship.But if infant’s needs are not met promptly, that his or her needs are delayed.This will lead to the development of uncertainty leading to mistrust of caregivers and the environment. An infant will seek comfort during a stressful situations from a security objects such as their favorite toys or blankets. So when an infant is hospitalized caregivers will be in- accommodation to help the child to cope with hospitalization. Also the infant’s favorite blanket and toys are brought in to the hospital. With COVID19 and Delta Variants ,it will be extremely hard and too traumatizing for infants to cope during hospitalization.

Sigmund Freud is the founder of psychosexual development theory.( From birth to 18months)Initial psychosexual stage during which the main concern of the growing infant are ORAL gratification. The mouth is the center of everything. Whatever the child picks up goes into the mouth.The child experiment with tasting ,sucking,biting,eating ,vocalizing words,grasping, touching to explore the tactile effects of the environment.

Then the Piaget Cognitive development theory which focuses on SENSORIMOTOR stage. ( From birth to 18months)This is the period in which the child develops intellectual and knowledge of the environment. The sensorimotor stage is made up of five substages.

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