Answer : A 2011.

(2).Myplate was unveiled by?.

A.Melania Trump.

B.Mrs Elizabeth Warren.

C.Mrs Michelle Obama.

D.Mrs Barbara Bush.

Answer: C.

(3). Myplate took the place of the iconic Food Pyramid. Myplate is presented by food divided into four sections fruits, vegetables, grains and protein. Small circle for diary products. The focus is to remind Americans about ?.



C.Healthy diet.

D.Diary products and sodium intake.

Answer: C.

(4).In 2011 Havard Medical School developed its own graphic recommendation of food guidelines called?.

A.Honey my plate is empty.

B.Need balanced meal.

C.Healthy eating plate.

D.Omission in myplate.

Answer: C.

(5)The Havard Medical School developed food guidelines called Healthy Eating Plate because they felt that?.

A.Smaller is better.

B.Need for multivitamin.

C.There were omissions in Myplate because it does not tell consumers that whole grains are better for health, which protein is healthier and a discussion on fat and did not mention or comment on sugar drinks.

D.It was designed to knock off myplate away.It also talked about water and other calorie- free beverages.The March was a great one. Answer:C.

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