1. Whirlpool helps with Vasodilation of wounds.

2. Increase blood flow to the wound site.

3. Soften and loosing of necrotic tissues. Whirlpool therapy is known as a physical modality that is used to treat severe Orthopedic and neurological dysfunction.

It is noninvasive treatment.

Contraindications of Whirlpool?.

1.Venous ulcer.

2.Clean granulating wounds.

3.Epithelization of wounds.

4.New skin graft.

5.New tissue flaps.

What is WCT?.

Wound care Team.

What is electrical Stimulation?.

It is a type of physical therapy modality. It is passive modality that mimics skin naturally. Your doctor ordered physical therapy due to injury and your physical therapist decided to use Electrical Stimulation.

Side effect but rare- Tissue burns.

The electrical current can lead to tissue 🔥

Transcutaneous Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation(TENS) It is also a treatment modality used by physical therapist to treat injury/wound.

What is Iontophoresis?.

Iontophoresis is electrical Stimulation used to adminster medications 💊 in physical therapy to deeper tissue.

What is HBO?.

HBO Stands for Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy treatment. Patient should breathe 100% Oxygen at elevated pressure, typically 2.0 to 2.5 ATA(Atmospheric absolute )1hour of HBO at 2.0 to 2.5ATA.

1 hour HBO Oxygen at 100% twice the Atmospheric pressure at sea level.Your responsibility as a bedside nurse is to prepare your patient for HBO.Check blood sugar to make sure that it is not low.Understand and know if it is contraindicated for your patients. Follow doctor orders and your hospital policy and procedures.

Hyperbaric Nurse Responsibilities:

Case management of each patient.

Advocate for the patients.

Insurance authorization- approval for treatment.

Operating the Hyperbaric treatment chambers or working with the HBO technician that is Operating the chambers.

Hyperbaric nurses are responsible for administration of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to patients and then supervise patients throughout their treatment. The nurse must work under the supervision of a trained HBO physician who will be available during treatment in case of emergency.

Contraindications to Electrical Stimulation include:

Altered tissue sensation.

Impaired mental status.

Presence of implanted Electrical device.

It can interfere with implant pain stimulator or pacemaker.

On malignant tissue.

On wounds that are overly moist.

Around the eyes,carotid sinus,anterior neck,over reproductive organ.

Contraindications to HBO.

Middle ear surgery.




Asthma patients.

High fever.

History of seizures.

Side effects of HBO.

Barotrauma of the ear.

Oxygen toxicity.

Temporary myopia.

Sinus discomfort.

Serous Otitis.

Numb fingers.


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