Whatever that can be measured( L × W×D) can be managed. In other to improve pressure ulcer care, the number of patients with pressure ulcer must be clearly determined based on that prevalence and incidence data will be carefully monitored.

Prevalence studies of pressure ulcer x 100 ÷ by the number of people in a population at a particular point in time = Pressure ulcer cumulative incidence.

Number of people developing a new pressure ulcer × 100 ÷ by the total number of people in a population at the beginning of the time period. Any medication or disease that suppresses the immune system can also alter the process of wound healing by an impairment of the inflammatory response. For example chemotherapy, cyclosporine,heparin. NSAID agents such as aspirin and indomethacin can affect wound healing.

Adequate nutrition is needed for all phases of wound healing.Nutrition is also essential for an adequate immune system and to fight for infection.

A temperature fall of 2°C is sufficient to affect biological process.A dressing change can drop the wound base temperature for up to four hours before it returns to normal.

Acute or chronic injured patient are often dehydrated and adequate hydration is very important ( Critical) to maintain oxygenation of wounds.

All phases of wound healing are oxygen dependent. Factors that can lead to hypoxia include:

A decreased in oxygen delivery to the systemic blood volume. Low oxygen saturation of the Hemoglobin, Eschar on wound surface.


Wound assessment requires the skills and adequate knowledge of professionals.Here is what needs to be documented each time that you change the dressing:

What cause the wound that is the etiology of the wound.

Location of the wound.

The size of the wound ( L× W×D)

The wound bed.( Undermining, eschar,black,red,yellow, pink)

Exudate ( None,mild,moderate, copious)

Wound Odor( Present or absent)

Wound edges (edema, callous, maceration, erytherma)

Surrounding skin areas around the wound ( Normal, swelling or edema,erytherma, warmth)

Patient concerns Painful wound needs medication before, during and after dressing changes.

Clinical signs of critical colonization or local infections.

Assessment of wound is a prerequisites for deciding on the type of dressing change.

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