Picture of Michael mother.

(Picture of Michael and his parents. )

Michael mom Lizzie (died five years ago from breast cancer that metastasized all over her body. She was in so much pain. She was placed on morphine drip to help her with her so much pain.She cannot do without the pain medication. But with time she went into respiratory depression. Her respiration keep on dropping. She was hospice patient. Then she finally deceased.Two nurses pronounced her dead.The doctor was called, and notified .He came and confirmed her death. Patient family members were notified.They all came in.Hospice was called in ,and they came. Family have already made arrangements for the funeral home where they want the patient body to go.Patient was cleaned, all tubes removed. She was placed in a beautiful gown per family request. Michael was five years old when her mother deceased.

(Picture of Michael mother in the hospital. )

His father after waiting for over one year decided to remarry. So he married a woman that he hope will help to raise Michael. So that is how Michael got a step mother.

Michael expected to be treated well by his stepmother but she didn’t. Rather she turned Michael into a maid.He does all the chores at homes every day. His step mother will cook but will deny him the nutritious meal. Michael love fish but his stepmother will tell her to wait for his father to eat with him.So that he could give him fish.

( Pictures of Michael running errands)

Michael did not like the idea but he has to follow the instructions given to him.He kept complaining about his step mother to his grandmother and grandfather.His grandparents invited him to visit them.So eventually he went to live with his grandparents.

Michael was very happy living with his grandparents. And they love their grandson so much. They bought him gifts .His clothes and shoes were old .His father never cared about buying him anything. But his grandparents bought him everything that he needed.

Then came COVID19 PANDEMIC. His grandparents were old, so they were very careful not to contract COVID19. They wear their mask,maintain social distancing 6feet apart ,wash the hands frequently 20seconds and use hand sanitizer frequently when handwashing is unavailable. But unfortunately they succumb to COVID19. Grandma got it first then transfer it to Grandfather. They both were placed on Ventilator. And they eventually died from COVID19 complication. Michael is now 15years old.His grandparents were laid to rest. So what is the faith of Michael?.Where will Michael go?.Michael returned back to his dad with conditions. His father granted all Michael conditions. They lived together,Michael was in high school and developed friendship with so many people. He was a good boy with lots of love to give. So many people like him a lot.He was also doing very well in school. But unfortunately due to Coronavirus the schools were on lockdown temporarily. But he still kept his friends. They communicate through social media, virtual distance interactions and play games by social media.

Moral Lessons here:

Death is the end of everything.

Appreciate what you have.

Always be willing to speak your mind.

Be compassionate and caring.

The child under your care is yours.

Tender loving care. Michael with parents.

Michael mother died of breast cancer.

Morphine drip lead to respiratory depression.

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