Rather than give a bully the power that they seek and the attention that they desperately want to control ,manipulate and degrade you.Be more assertive and give the unexpected, unemotional response. Yes some nurses are first class bullies worse if you are not of the same race.They want you to be incompetent so that management can quickly get rid of you.

(1)Stay calm and stay cool observe their nonverbal cues.Look around there is someone willing to help you.In every twelve there must be one Judas.Do your scavenger hunt to locate where things are such as the supply room,the dirty utility room,the toilets, 🚻,medication room, break room,sharp containers, Accuchecks machines, time clock,how to call the doctors, and important phone numbers security etc.

(2)Be Determined and don’t show frustration because that is what they want. Smile and be positive.

(3)Get to work on time get ready, organize yourself and have your supplies.

(4)Clock in on time.Relax you got this focus and be full of determination. If you don’t understand ask questions.

(5)Have a Notebook or note pad and write ✍things down because after your orientation you can refer to your notebook. 📓

(6)Do not show that you are on unhappy. With time the frustration and difficulty will ease off. If you are feeling frustrated remember “Pay Day.That will put a smile on your face.Remember that Rome was not built in a day. Most of them will pretend that they are the best.You know that it is not true. They were once like you or even worse when they first started. (7) The beginning of everything is always difficult. Keep on doing your best ask questions if you do not understand but do not quit.

(8)Traveling Nursing:Traving Nursing is the new road to Paradise. You might want to try it if you are physically fit ,alert and oriented × 4.So many nurses have abandoned their comfortable homes to do Travel Nursing because of not just the financial incentives but to do something different and stay away from hospital politics.As a Traveler you get paid well without being involved in the politics .Traveling Nursing boom while hospital management are blindfolded. Nurses are leaving the hospitals in an alarming rate to go to another hospitals to work.Traveling payments have increased from 30% to 40%.

(9)Celebration of nurses that left.🍾🥂🎂Management ran helter skelter to hire but the work environment is too toxic leading to high turnover rate .

(10) Christmas Party in KINGDOM OF GOD HOSPITAL LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA 900000 : 90%Filipino nurses, 5%Hispanic and 4% others. The husband of one of the nurses asked his wife,””Do you have black nurses that work with you in your hospital?”.She replied ,she did not attend the Christmas party. A Filipino nurse once said ,if you don’t like Filipinos don’t work here.Here meaning in USA the melting point of the world. Patient population in that hospital is 50% white,30% Hispanic, 10% black and 10% Asia.Nursing staff that night 95% Filipinos ,4 other group and 1% black.You can be seen and not heard the code of silent. Dragging someone down will not put you up there.When Cain killed Abbel he did not become the chosen one.

Causation factors, Effects and solutions. Who bears the burden?. COVID19 PANDEMIC opened up the eyes of so many nurses to realize that they cannot be taking the degrading manner, stressful situation for a long time. You can get health insurance without being a full time position, and you can invest without being a full time employee at the hospital. What you really need are good health, no stress, Budgeting, Planning and Investment.

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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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