CEREBRUM is the largest part of the brain. It is divided into two hemisphere.The right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. Cerebral motor cortex takes the role of controlling precisely discrete movement.The brain weighs only 3lbs in average.

CEREBELLUM (Little brain) is the small part of brain .

The Brainstem ( middle brain) which connects the cerebrum to the spinal cord.The Brainstem will include the Middle brain,Pons and Medulla Oblongata.

The cerebrum is responsible for Speech, Memory and reponse.The cerebrum is divided into two hemispheres the right and left hemisphere. The right controls the left and the left controls the right.

There are four sections of the cerebral Cortex-Frontal lobe,Parietal lobe,Occipital lobe and the Temporal lobe.

(1)Frontal Lobe :is for high level thinking, reasoning,Control, Impulse,Planning and Judgemental .Specic areas in the Frontal lobe include Prefrontal Cortex,Brocca’s area, Primary Motor Cortex and Motor Homunculus.

(2)Parietal Lobes: Will receive sensory information about the somatic senses of temperature, touch,pain,and spatial abilities. (3)Ocipital Lobes: This is the area for visual process. The information coming from the left visual side and goes into the right side of each eyes 👀and information from the right goes into the left .And are interpreted by each eyes as it goes in.

(4)Temporal Lobes: This includes the auditory process which is associated with hearing, the Olfactory which deals with smell.Specific areas areas are Primary auditory Cortex and the Wernicke’s area.

The wonderful thing about the brain is the capability of adaptation. The brain will find a way to take care of the area that is destroyed by the developing new connections between dendrites.The cerebral Cortex is in charge of logic,memory, language, learning, consciousness and also responsible for controlling the sophisticated cognitive tasks.

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